Youtubers gave food worth 100,000 rubles to the pensioners from the Moscow region

Youtubers gave food worth 100,000 rubles to the pensioners from the Moscow region

Youtubers gave food worth 100,000 rubles to the pensioners from the Moscow region

23 November 2020, 16:58
The team of the YouTube project Abrakadabra TV purchased food products worth more than 100,000 rubles and for several hours opened a free shop for pensioners in one of the villages near Moscow. By the end of the event, the store was empty.

“We recently received a letter from a resident of a village located in the Moscow region (the name in the video is not specified - noted by Novye Izvestia). He said that there are many pensioners living there who need help. They have a small pension and have to save on food. We decided to build our own store with groceries for retirees, where every elderly person can take food for themselves free of charge. Everyone takes what he needs and how much he needs. There is no limit, ”said the presenter wearing sunglasses and a medical mask.

While one part of the team was building the store - it was an inflatable tent, the other half went to the nearest hypermarket for groceries. A huge amount of goods worth over 100,000 rubles was loaded into the minibus.

Meanwhile, an aggressive villager sent by the administration of the village began to interfere with the young people who were setting up the tent.

“There was nothing to come here, we are all well-off here!... You had to provide us with documents, who wrote to you and what ... ... The administration provides us with food, who is over 65 years old, who has what... It's okay with us... We and pensioners have zero point tenths left.

I know every pensioner, we have 340 houses! I am a local here, I am also under 70. But I am fighting to horror. I don't understand these scams. What kind of a fool are you playing? The administration told me I must take action. Remove the tent now! What kind of person did you come without warning the administration?”, - an elderly woman in a light coat was indignant. According to her, all pensioners here have a pension of 30,000 rubles.

A policeman arrived at the scene and found no corpus delicti.

“What are your claims?”, - asked the guardian of the order the indignant citizen.

“Elena Nikolaevna told them to get out of here. ... I have an order from the head of the territorial department. … I'll cut your tent now! ”- the woman continued to behave aggressively.

“We came here not even for one day, but for three hours”, - the Abrakadabra TV participants explained to the policeman, demonstrating the rental agreement for an inflatable tent.

“After all these proceedings, the police warned the administration that a fake call would be fined, since we did not violate any law. Thanks to the police, we were left behind and we were able to complete the construction of the store. By the way, somehow we have already done this. A whole village store was bought up. And our viewers really liked it. Me too. You need to do some things that won't fit in your head. We need to help people!”, - the blogger noted.

Soon local residents flocked to the store. People were very surprised, they could not believe their eyes. The blogger explained to everyone that all this is completely free for retirees and that you can take as many products as you need.

"I need a brioche, eggs...", - the old woman timidly studied the assortment.

“Why did you take so little?”, - asked the author of the event.

“Enough, you must not be impudent”, - she replied.

People kept arriving:

- As under communism!

- Take it, take everything, whatever you want!

- We have become insolent...

- Where does such grace come from?

- This is probably due to the virus...

- And why then no one asks for a pensioner's certificate?

- My fool, if there is an opportunity - take it!

- So who we have to vote for? It just can't happen like that, just for so!

The presenter of the YouTube channel asked the residents how do they appreciate such events.

- Great, these is really great, guys. It happened for the first time in my life. We must take the address, at least to write a gratitude.

- I really like it. Do it more often. Where to write a review?

- Thank you, son, God bless you!

- You are doing good, and I will do good to you too, this is milk. Homemade cow's milk, from our own cow.

By the evening, the store was empty.

“The main feature of this whole event was that no one was limited in products. Each pensioner comes in and takes exactly as much as he needs. If they took a lot, then they need so much. Each took in good conscience, trying to leave it for the other. There was only one person who was hiding behind a mask, kind of young, but said he was a pensioner. And, of course, it was very nice to receive a three-liter can of milk in gratitude from one woman”, - the presenter of Abrakadabra TV said at the end of the episode.

He also noted that he asked local residents if it was true that they have a pension of 30,000 rubles, as a woman who was indignant told him, but all of them answered that of course it's not true.

We cannot give an active link to the video, due to the prohibition of Roskomnadzor on the use of profanity, it is present in the video.

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