The fourth wave of covid in the country began to decline

The fourth wave of covid in the country began to decline
The fourth wave of covid in the country began to decline
23 November, 16:09SocietyPhoto: ВВС.соm
Experts said that the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Russia is coming to an end. They came to this conclusion based on data from the DNCOM Center for Molecular Genetic Research.

As the head of the DNKOM laboratory Andrei Isaev told reporters, over the past week the number of positive tests for covid fell by almost half - to six percent, although earlier this figure was 11 percent.

"The main criterion that indicates that the wave is receding is the number of positive samples from the total number of PCR analyzes", - RIA Novosti quotes the expert's explanation.

According to experts, based on statistics, now the fourth wave is declining. This wave turned out to be one of the strongest in the entire pandemic: it was during the fourth wave that anti-records for morbidity and mortality were set.

At the same time, experts indicated that a decrease in the incidence is "not a reason to relax and think that we have defeated the coronavirus".

According to the forecasts of the Gamaleya Center, the covid epidemic in Russia will end when 70-75 percent of the population receives a level of antibodies sufficient for protection.

So far, the rate of vaccination is insufficient. To speed up the process, in a number of regions they introduced mandatory self-isolation for the unvaccinated, as well as an expanded QR code system, which also affected public transport.

At the same time, in a number of countries - for example, in France, the authorities announced the beginning of a new, fifth wave of covid.

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