Deputy Yulia Galyamina was sentenced to two years probation

Deputy Yulia Galyamina was sentenced to two years probation
Deputy Yulia Galyamina was sentenced to two years probation
23 December 2020, 23:18SocietyPhoto: Alexandr Sorokin /
The Tverskoy Court of Moscow sentenced the municipal deputy of the Timiryazevsky district of the capital Yulia Galyamina (pictured).

She was convicted under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code (the so-called "Dada" article) for multiple violations of the rules for holding rallies. Yulia Galyamina herself calls her case politically motivated.

The prosecutor's office demanded three years in prison for Yulia Galyamina, but judge Anatoly Belyakov said that "the court does not believe that correction is possible only in isolation", the deputy was sentenced to two years probation.

"There is enough evidence of Galyamina's guilt. The criterion of repeated violations of the Code of Administrative Offenses in part of the rallies has been confirmed", the newspaper Kommersant quoted the judge as saying. Anatoly Belyakov noted in his decision that the actions to which the deputy called for or participated in, gathered "a large number of participants", and therefore one can speak of "the destructive nature of the behavior of Galyamina and those present".

The criminal case against Yulia Galyamina was excited a week after she posted a post on her page on the social network calling to participate in an unauthorized protest on July 15, 2020 on Pushkinskaya Square, the protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the changes to the Constitution. Yulia Galyamina said that a real term would make her by 2024, when presidential elections are scheduled in Russia, the most famous politician. Yulia Galyamina intends to take part in them.

In addition to her deputy work, Yulia Galyamina is known as public figure and journalist. She Ph.D. in Philology, former researcher at Moscow State University and lecturer at the Higher School of Economics , founder of the newspaper "Our North", member of the Federal Coordination Council of the Party on December 5. Studied endangered languages Siberia , including the Ket language.

Only a few cases were initiated under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code, the first of which was the case of activist Ildar Dadin, convicted of repeated participation in unsanctioned rallies. In the colony, Ildar Dadin complained of torture. Last year, in the wake of Moscow protests over the refusal to register opposition candidates for the Moscow City Duma, activist Konstantin Kotov, who was also convicted under the "Dada" article, was detained and spent about one and a half years behind bars.

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