"Sowing discord": a petition appeared on the web demanding to remove Solovyov from TV

"Sowing discord": a petition appeared on the web demanding to remove Solovyov from TV
"Sowing discord": a petition appeared on the web demanding to remove Solovyov from TV
24 April 2020, 12:35Society
Viewers, radio listeners and users of social networks are outraged that the television propagandist “sows the spirit of discord and hostility” in society.

The petition demanding the removal of the television host Vladimir Solovyov from federal channels, states:

“We strongly demand to prohibit the TV presenter V. R. Solovyev to conduct political talk shows and radio broadcasts. With his aggressive supply of information material and political engagement, this person sows a spirit of discord and enmity in Russian society. Information is often provided one-sided and in a highly manipulative way”

To date (April 24), nearly 60,000 people have signed up to the petition.

Experts believe that Solovyov became too much on the air, and that he is behaving more and more cheeky and cheeky. For example, journalist Dmitry Kolezev writes:

“A lot of the videos of Vladimir Solovyov are posted and they write that he allegedly went cuckoo. I think he did not go anywhere, he is in his well-thought out image. A sort of half-mad chain dog of power. Shouts, swears, exudes hatred. It’s unpleasant to watch, but, let's admit, it’s interesting. Who today just did not post this video (here I am).

I believe that there are two target audiences: fanatical supporters of the government (their minority) and people, plus or minus opposition views, whose range of feelings for Solovyov varies from squeamish surprise to sincere hatred. I am sure that the second audience for Solovyov is much more significant, he mainly works for it.

Whether Solovyov fulfills any special task for the authorities in this way (for example, intentionally maintains a degree of anger by inciting conflicts and provoking opponents of the regime), it’s hard for me to say. But his image is already such that it will be difficult to return to normal human behavior: the audience will be disappointed ... "

Network analyst Vadim Gorshenin admits:

“I confess: I decided today to see yesterday's Soloviev. I looked through the time periods in YouTube for the program and reached Nadezhdin.

Boris said important things: the first place in Russia is mortality from cardiovascular diseases, the second is oncology. Nadezhdin points out: as a person who has had a heart attack, I have to go and see a clinic, and so - hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.

Solovyov answers - they do everything, medicine works, nothing was closed, urgent operations do. How he fell from the moon: one of my acquaintances with oncology was postponed the planned operation at the time "when the pandemic will end." It is forbidden to do scheduled operations now. This means only one thing - all this time the disease will progress. Recently I went to the Raven Hospital to a surgeon, found that the entire cardio department was also closed until the time "when the pandemic ends."

And Solovyov continues to promote: in four weeks of self-isolation nothing will happen to people who need constant medical supervision.

Propaganda is a good thing, he indulged in counterpropaganda. But here it must be understood that Solovyov in this case, like Skabeeva, who said that she specifically prefers horror stories about coronavirus, is now performing an antisocial function. They do not pose the problem of how to help people with chronic diseases, but dismiss the possibility of this help in the bud. And this is the complete ugliness of today's television propaganda in Russia ... "

Popular blogger Kirill Potapov doubted Soloviev’s mental health (it seems completely in vain, it is always excellent among cynics):

“It seems that the presenter has some health problems? From megalomania tower demolishes? Or is he so admiring himself? TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev live on the program "Soloviev LIVE", showed everyone how he can do exercises. It was painfully comical for Solovyov’s movements, which for many users on the Internet, this video aroused interest. Watch this video and you.

Indeed, there are a lot of Vladimir Solovyov in the media. And most often he appears in some kind of "dirty tricks." It constantly expels someone from its studio, then it shares something with Utkin. One gets the impression that he is in every possible way hyping and in various ways “stirs up” interest in his person. I am afraid that he will soon bite his participants in the show. Indeed, a person has turned into some kind of evil leader. In the success of the petitions, I certainly do not believe. Can someone remind me when the state, for example, paid attention to these petitions? What I consider important here is that the level of negative attitude of the people towards Soloviev has reached high levels. Many are now unhappy with what they see from TV screens and on the Internet. My little advice to “remove” this host is simply not to watch federal channels ... "

And this is really a tenable advice: if no one watches Solovyov, he will forever disappear from the air like a nightmare.

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