Russia prepares to open borders with seven more countries

Russia prepares to open borders with seven more countries
Russia prepares to open borders with seven more countries
24 August 2020, 09:45SocietyPhoto:
On August, 25, a decision is expected to resume the flights with France, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt and China.

The government is currently discussing the lifting of restrictions on flights, Izvestia reported. At the same time, it is planned to fly to Egypt only to Cairo, and to China - only to Shanghai.

According to the source of the publication, flights to France, Hungary and Malta should so far be opened only for those with a residence permit, work permit, or if a person is sent to a medical facility.

At the meeting of the operational headquarters, scheduled for August 25, an appropriate decision can be made.

It is also reported that the Federal Air Transport Agency has not yet commented on the information.

The source of the publication in one of the airlines indicates that open air traffic will not greatly affect revenues, since those who planned to go on vacation from August to September have already purchased both tickets and vouchers.

“The summer is coming to an end, its results for the industry are disappointing, and the most difficult half-year in all recent years awaits us”, - the interlocutor stated.

Recall that after the announcement of the opening of the border with Abkhazia, the demand for tours to Abkhaz resorts increased tenfold. More than 7.5 thousand tourists from Russia visited the country on the first day after the opening of the borders.

Let us recall that, as in the case of Abkhazia, Russia opened its borders with Great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania on August 1. Flights to Switzerland were resumed on 15 August.

However, more than half of the citizens of the Russian Federation said that they were not yet ready to go on vacation abroad.

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