"They worked the ruin of Nina!" The daughter of actress Ruslanova told the truth about the death of her mother

"They worked the ruin of Nina!" The daughter of actress Ruslanova told the truth about the death of her mother
"They worked the ruin of Nina!" The daughter of actress Ruslanova told the truth about the death of her mother
24 November 2021, 23:24SocietyPhoto: Фото Соцсети
Olesya Rudakova said that her mother, Nina Ruslanova, contracted covid and died due to the negligence of doctors.

The story of the death of the outstanding actress Nina Ruslanova, told by her daughter Olesya Rudakova, blew up social networks:

- So much for the death rates. They kill with a covid duet - medical arbitrariness and an epidemic. Equally equal in merits.

Olesya's story was published by Stas Sadalsky in his blog:

“I didn't want to write anything, but I got tired of all the lies.

My mom is gone. She died in hospital 4.

On October 25, we came to the Sechenovskaya hospital with our own feet, paid 10 thousand rubles a day for the ward. On the 4th day, according to the doctors, my mother's hemoglobin dropped, she was transferred to intensive care, 2 liters of blood were poured, which led to a massive heart attack. Then they found a polyp in her, without waiting for histology to remove it. Mom remained in intensive care. I carried medicines that are not available in the hospital, and it is difficult to find in pharmacies. I got it through friends. My mother developed hospital-acquired pneumonia. CT scan, which was done in intensive care, showed nothing but bronchitis.

5 days after the operation, I was informed that she had covid. She was transported in a simple ambulance to hospital 4 on Dovatora. There we begged to be put in intensive care. It was difficult to persuade. On Monday, she was transferred to the department. Every day she felt bad, for 2 hours we could not find doctors. I talked to my mom, at the same time I called my dad. Dad called the chief doctors of Sechenovka, only after that did the doctors come. We asked, begged, to return my mother to the intensive care unit. The day before yesterday, my mother felt bad, by 9 in the morning she was still transferred to intensive care. Mom died at 6 pm!"

The reaction of the readers was unequivocal: the domestic health care was “optimized” to such an extent that at least go straight to the coffin:

- I believe everything that was written, because I myself recently had been ill, it was impossible to call an ambulance, we hardly got through to a doctor at home, they said wait, of course, there was no doctor. I understand why our people are dying in such numbers...

- My dad was in cardiology. Operation... And suddenly covid, resuscitation... I got infected there, because no one was given tests upon admission. We have a recording of a conversation with a doctor, she said, if I got sick there, then excuse me, they say, a pandemic, he is weakened after the operation...

- What a horror. But the same story happened with my friend, who is an excellent doctor herself. They were not transferred to the intensive care unit, they could not find blood, medicine, or oxygen throughout Moscow, all the relatives obtained it themselves, the doctors did not come, and my friend eventually died after two hours of transfer to the intensive care unit. Moscow, 21st century.

Journalist Igor Shulika explains what happened by the fact that, in fact, the world lives in a state of war, because it is not for nothing that the covid is compared to the Third World War:

“In general, according to my observation in Moscow, Sechenovka really remained one of the few places in Moscow where you can get treatment, and in this sense, 10 thousand per room per day is even inexpensive. But even there they can lead to a heart attack with two liters of blood.

Everything else is sad. But people do not believe in our country that coronavirus is scary, but there are not enough places in intensive care units, there are always not enough doctors, because many of them are taken away to provide planned assistance and thank God, because even in Moscow, the participants in the war are their own operations do not do, as in Vyborg.

As a result, the people's artist was not saved. And this shouldn't come as a surprise. In the pandemic, medicine has become, if not military, then paramilitary, there is no time for comfort and not for special treatment.

Just read Olesya again and understand why to get vaccinated and why fight the infection, and not listen to nonsense that it is not scary. Here you have to feel it all in order to understand, to pass through yourself..."

But the presenter of the channel "Image of the Future" blames, and rightly too, the vaunted health care reform:

“Everyone can tell a similar story about their relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. And I can. All this has long been unbearable.

They make false diagnoses, carry out manipulations that lead to death, from time to time the fate of a person is in the hands of an amateur. There are fewer and fewer professionals...

Sobyanin alone is only honest - on the eve of the pandemic in the Moscow City Duma he honestly presented a report on how they optimized everything in Moscow, how many beds in hospitals were reduced and how many doctors were transferred to piecework payments.

Which fled from the system.

In the sad story with Nina Ruslanova again - the same things: already in intensive care, community-acquired pneumonia and a diagnosis of covid appear.

What will happen next is known. The Guzeevs will run up and begin to accuse Ruslanova's daughter of speculating on the death of her mother. For example.

Do you ever honestly admit there what you are doing with statistics and treatment protocols?

Why do you have such a high mortality rate from covid after hospitalization?

How many of you remained faithful to the Hippocratic oath?"

It remains to add that after this publication, the Investigative Committee began to check the facts voiced by Olesya Rudakova.

We add on our own: with all the horrors of the pandemic and health problems, many doctors and nurses are doing everything possible to save people. And they themselves risk their lives. And they die in the same way from the coronavirus as their patients. So stirring up discord between doctors and patients is clearly not worth it.

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