The Ministry of Science did not find a document according to which the Bologna system operates in Russia

The Ministry of Science did not find a document according to which the Bologna system operates in Russia

The Ministry of Science did not find a document according to which the Bologna system operates in Russia

25 May, 16:53
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As Novye Izvestiya has already reported, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Valery Falkov stated that the Bologna system should be treated “as a lived stage” and confirmed the intention of our department to withdraw from the Bologna process.

Elina Zhgutova, head of the Ivan Chai Information and Human Rights Center, commented on the statement in a telegram.

“We will make many more such discoveries. For example, the Children's Helpline is a recommended, and by no means legal, tool in the field of family policy.

Juvenile manuals, which, in fact, make every parent a potential criminal in relation to their children, are written by ordinary NGOs.

You yourself can register such an organization by a simple procedure. Only here to tell the authorities how to act in such a sensitive area as the family, they are unlikely to give you. They won't give you money for it.

Why we have such a “shadow state” needs to be sorted out as soon as possible”, - said Elina Zhgutova in the Ivan-Chai TG.

Meanwhile, the Nezygar telegram channel notes:

“Experts point out that within the walls of the Ministry of Science it was not possible to find a document on the basis of which the Bologna system operates in Russia.

It seems that there are some agreements on the recognition of diplomas with individual countries, but on the application of the system - no.

It turns out that the statement of Minister Falkov has rather an informational effect: after all, if there is no agreement, then there is nothing to cancel.

It is also important to note the fact that many in Russia associate the Bologna system with the presence or absence of a bachelor's degree.

This is a popular misconception caused by the fact that journalists were often too lazy to understand the wilds of information politics. The bottom line is that universities in Russia are, in fact, completely autonomous.

Those universities that prepare graduates for foreign companies can leave any format of education. At least 4 + 2, at least 2 + 2 + 2, at least 4-4-2. And no one will forbid them to translate their diplomas into English and issue an international document. The recognition of our education abroad will be carried out, as it was done, according to the qualitative principle. The hunt for graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, St. Petersburg State University has continued and will continue. And the winners of Olympiads in Informatics will still be taken from the country by foreign corporations.

Another thing is that Valery Falkov declared "an obsolete system" and "the need to build a new one." This thesis is also not new. Falkov's team has been hatching a plan to build an actual Russian education system for a long time. Now the word is up to the supporters of the Bologna process, who, in fact, will defend a non-existent system. It is important to fix what reasons will be put forward in defense of the old and by whom.

Otherwise, it will not be so easy to trace the “Western trace” in the corridors of scientific power”.

Here is what they write in the comments about this (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved):

- They will chat up the topic !!! Only the Soviet school needs to be restored and educated....

- "Building a new one" means again "mastering" budget money for this business? How much can you build "new"?

- So I think why they undertook to develop their new system, if there is a wonderful, tested classical education system .. !!! Another thing is that it will cost the state dearly today .. Therefore, in fact, these laws on distance learning, electronic teachers and lessons are being introduced, textbooks are being removed slowly .... Well, if in our country it is really a priority .... then please be so kind prove!!

- I am for the Soviet system of education. After all, it was not in vain that she was considered and is considered the best. So why reinvent the wheel?

- Blimey! And I really thought that there were some documents about the transition to the Bologna system.

- Now they are preparing young managers for power from gifted guys. Oh, I hope they WILL be for the people of RUSSIA!!!

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