65% of citizens have a piggy bank with coins

65% of citizens have a piggy bank with coins
65% of citizens have a piggy bank with coins
25 August, 08:50SocietyPhoto: 1MI
65% of Russians admitted that they have a piggy bank at home, in which they put coins in order to pay with them in stores - 38% and in public transport - 28%.

According to RBC, referring to the results of the NAFI analytical center, 15% of the coins from the piggy bank are then exchanged for banknotes in the bank, 10% of respondents donate them to charity, 6% give them to the bank so that this amount is credited to the account.

Citizens under 24 years of age mainly use coins to pay at terminals and machines, Russians aged 25-34 use them in public transport, in the group of 35-44 years old they pay almost nothing with coins, and people over 55 buy goods in stores with them.

Among those who keep piggy banks with coins at home, 72% live in the Volga Federal District, 71% - in the Urals. Moreover, 72% of the respondents who have such piggy banks have a “good” or “excellent” financial situation.

Of those who do not put coins in a piggy bank, 49% live in the North Caucasus Federal District, 48% are pensioners, 47% are low-income citizens.

According to a study by Sberbank Life Insurance and consulting company UXSSR, 37% of Russians are unable to regularly save money due to impulsive purchases, which is the most common answer.

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