In response to the abuse, Mark Solonin twice expressed thankfulness to Vladimir Solovyov

In response to the abuse, Mark Solonin twice expressed thankfulness to Vladimir Solovyov
In response to the abuse, Mark Solonin twice expressed thankfulness to Vladimir Solovyov
25 November 2020, 11:24Society
Vladimir Solovyov, in his morning radio show "Full Contact", devoted 26 minutes of live coverage to the exposure of the online publication Novye Izvestia and the famous opposition historian Mark Solonin. in response to direct insults, the historian sent the following response to Novye Izvestia.

Mark Solonin, historian

November 24 this year Mr. Solovyov spent 20 minutes talking about me to the audience of his TV show. In this regard, I have two thanks to him, and for the general public - one short historical reference.

First, personal gratitude. Thanks to this micro-event, I finally saw V. Solovyov on the screen. That is, I have heard many times before that there is such a highly paid due to my taxes (and taxes, given the circulation of my books in Russia, are not small!) Kremlin propaganda, popularly known as "nightingale droppings", but I have not seen with my eyes. Now I saw. Frankly, surprised. He's kind of lethargic. Frankly playing for time, winding up the timing (my poor taxes ...), reading Wikipedia from the screen, periodically falling into mock hysteria. And it's all?

Second gratitude. At the very least, Mr. Solovyov read out a few phrases from my short note in Novye Izvestia. And this is a very good, good deed. For the audience of the "nightingale droppings" the thesis that "even before the start of the Second World War, the Stalinist regime managed to commit all the crimes without exception that were imputed to the Nazi regime of Nazi Germany during the Nuremberg trials" - a novelty. They hadn’t heard that before. Yes, most of it is habitually hammered into curses, but there is also a small part that will ponder. And on the scale of Russia, the "small part" is millions of our fellow citizens. And they, too, have the right to education. From the word "light".

And now the reference.

Mr. Solovyov habitually lied, attributing to me (and twice!) The words that the Nazi ideology should not, or should not, be condemned. Of course, I didn’t say anything like that (it’s easy to check from the printed text), and my attitude to the Nazi (Hitler’s) variety of fascism is no better than to the internationalist (Stalinist) variety of the same fascism. Another thing is more interesting.

Mr. Solovyov, due to his deep historical ignorance, did not even understand who he was quoting, whose words he was trying to ascribe to me. And these are the very famous words of Comrade. Molotov, the closest associate of Comrade. Stalin. October 31, 1939, speaking at a session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Comrade. Molotov (at that time - the head of the government and at the same time the people's commissar for foreign affairs) said:

"The ideology of Hitlerism, like any other ideological system, can be recognized or denied, this is a matter of political views. But any person will understand that ideology cannot be destroyed by force, one cannot end a war with it. Therefore, it is not only senseless, but also criminal to wage such a war. as a war for the "destruction of Hitlerism", covered with a false flag of the struggle for "democracy".

Such wonderful speeches were heard from the highest Moscow tribunes. And no "amendments", no illegal laws can either cancel these facts, or force us to keep silent about them.

From the editor

In order not to hide anything from the reader, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Solovyov's speech on YouTube. The speech about Mark Solonin and "Novye Izvestia" begins with the time stamp 3:34:48 and continues until the very end of the program.

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