An error occured... Why Vladimir Solovyov angrily attacked "Novye Izvestia"

An error occured... Why Vladimir Solovyov angrily attacked "Novye Izvestia"
An error occured... Why Vladimir Solovyov angrily attacked "Novye Izvestia"
25 November 2020, 12:12Society
The country's most famous TV presenter, Vladimir Solovyov, in his morning radio show "Full Contact" devoted 26 minutes of live broadcast to denouncing the online edition "Novye Izvestia" and the person of the very famous opposition historian Mark Solonin.

We consider it necessary to answer some points of the accusations against us.

In order not to hide anything from the reader, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the original on YouTube without our mediation and subjective assessments. The speech about Mark Solonin and "Novye Izvestia" begins with the time stamp 3:34:48 and continues until the very end of the program.

But in short, the TV presenter's logic is as follows. On the day of the 75th anniversary of the historic Nuremberg trials over the leaders of the fascists, the Russian publication publishes an interview with a "citizen" who stated that "it was not at all the punishment of criminals that was the goal of the Nuremberg trials", that "at the beginning of the Second World War, the Stalinist regime managed to commit all the crimes which six years later in Nuremberg were imputed to the Nazis"...

This thesis of Solonin caused a hurricane of emotions in Solovyov and a flurry of accusations against not only the author, but also Novye Izvestia:

- I have a question not for Corned beef, everything is clear with him. I have a question for those who maintain and support Novye Izvestia. Have you moved out of the place? What do you allow yourself? Do you allow yourself to violate the amendments to the adopted Constitution?..

- Solonin, you have a pseudo-technical education, the concept of logic should be. How can you be so shameless. And the main thing is Novye Izvestia. Well, just quietly, happily, without any equivocations, they took the material on the topic, published it - and that's it. From how they feel good. Plot - The Past...

- The question arises, for what reasons do some Novye Izvestia give the floor on the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal, in the year of the 75th anniversary of Victory, to this revisionist, hater of Soviet victory, denigrator of the deeds of the victorious people in this terrible war? What considerations are they based on? I'm just curious to understand.

- Maybe you have mixed something up in your idea of life, dear citizens from Novye Izvestia? The country was beguiled. You will come to your senses. Although you can hardly ... TASS talked with Naryshkin, and Novye Izvestia chose a different approach, and they began to talk with a man who hates Russia and its history ...

So, the essence of the journalist Solovyov's accusations is clear: we, they say, talked with ONE, the “wrong” expert on the topic, while other media and agencies chose the “right” ones and highlighted the role of the Nuremberg trial in the classical framework of modern Russian historiography.

So it turns out, Vladimir Rudolfovich, like that?

No, not like that, Vladimir Rudolfovich!

It turned out to be a mistake.

You, a super-busy person who spends half his life on air, a link to an interview in Novye Izvestia was given by your assistants. Perhaps even the article itself in printed form, that is, without visiting the website of our publication.

But in vain.

On the anniversary of the Trial, November 20-21, we published 4 (four) materials on the trial of the Nazis. Sergey Solovyov, the chief specialist of RGASPI, a leading researcher at the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University, is directly polemicizing with Mark Solonin - one cannot put the USSR and Nazi Germany on the same level!

Novye Izvestia also spoke with the head of the representative office of the Konrad Adenauer and the Commissioner for the Russian Federation Thomas Kunze, who praised the role of the Nuremberg Trials, noting in particular:

"The result of the Nuremberg Tribunal was a new understanding of the responsibility of everyone. Members of governments and high-ranking officials could no longer evade responsibility for their criminal orders under the guise of international legal immunity, and the executors could not invoke the forced execution of illegal orders."

We also repeatedly in the analytical material "The Nuremberg Trials: Who and What History Teaches" We quoted the son of the chief prosecutor from the Soviet Union, Sergey Rudenko, who emphasized: the essence of the process was that not only the tribunal, but the entire international community found the Nazis guilty.

There was also the opinion of the Chief Military Prosecutor of the Italian Republic Marco de Paolis, and Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of MGIMO, Head of the Center for the History of War and Geopolitics at the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Russian Military Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov, who cannot be called in a nightmare a supporter of Solonin, Sokolov or Suvorov-Rezun!

Thus, at least 5 (five) subject matter experts recognize the need and importance of the Nuremberg Trials. Whose opinions we have presented on the electronic "pages" of the publication.

But the trouble is that TV presenter Soloviev did not go further than one interview with Mark Solonin on the site. Although, for example, the interview with Sergey Solovyov was on the layout next door - to present the reader with two different opinions.

Hence the falsely accusatory pathos of his half-hour speech on the air.

And what is strange: in the TV show of Solovyov himself there are opponents of pro-government politicians and experts! For some reason, he invites Leonid Gozman to the studio, and some lads from Ukraine, and a notable American political scientist...

Oh, yes. What is allowed to Caesar of our propaganda is not allowed by "some "Novye Izvestia"".

Well, or the idea of different points of view on one of our long-suffering story in the head of the presenter over-busy with ethers no longer fits.

It's a pity...

By the way

At the moment 23 (!) Books of the historian Mark Solonin are sold on They are also available in most bookstores in Russia. At the same time, none of them was recognized by any court of the Russian Federation as "extremist", "prohibited", or contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

As for the accusations against Solonin, then, presumably, Mark Semyonovich will answer without our help.

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