Less than a third of Russians are ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus

Less than a third of Russians are ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus
26 February , 13:18Society
In the near future, only 29% of Russians are ready to get vaccinated against coronavirus infection. At the same time, only 10% are definitely ready to be vaccinated.

Interfax cites the results of the SuperJob.ru survey, according to which 19% of respondents are inclined to vaccinate against covid.

Citizens aged 45 and over are more willing to be vaccinated than others. There were 39% of them. Among this category, one in seven - 15% - is definitely ready to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 24% are still only inclined to this idea.

71% of respondents of all ages said that they do not see the need for vaccination against covid. Certainly 41% of citizens do not plan to be vaccinated. 30% of the study participants answered that they "most likely" will not be vaccinated.

More often than others, a skeptical attitude was expressed by respondents aged 25-34 years - 78%. Moreover, 45% of them are definitely not ready for vaccination against covid. Most likely, every third respondent in this age category will not go for vaccination.

The fact that only 30% of residents of 47 countries are not averse to getting vaccinated against covid was previously reported by analysts of the Association of Independent Research Agencies Gallup International. Moreover, the highest level of those wishing to be vaccinated against coronavirus is noted among residents of Asian countries, from where the virus began to spread. In Russia, the study said, 30% of residents are also ready for vaccination today. As Nadezhda Lebeda, professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics, explained, a possible reason for this is the general distrust of Russians in domestic drugs and the preference for foreign analogues.

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