Sergey Shnurov compared the deputies to dwarfs who are fighting against the force of nature

Sergey Shnurov compared the deputies to dwarfs who are fighting against the force of nature
26 February , 15:27SocietyPhoto: RTVI
A new show "Babushka's Respirator" has begun on the international TV channel RTVI. Representatives of two generations are discussing topical issues there. The guests of the first edition were the general producer of RTVI Sergey Shnurov and YouTube blogger Nikolay Sobolev.

According to the rules of the show, each of the guests comes with news, which he considers the most relevant in the media field, and the editorial board offers three more topics for discussion. Then the heroes rate each news feed from 0 to 10, based on its importance.

So, Sobolev considered important the news about YurKiss's awarding with the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree. When asked if he was familiar to Shnurov, he characterized him as follows: “the nest of the Russian media group”. And the work of YurKissa Shnurov called "rap in '92 or even '91. “I believe that the more orders are given to such comrades, the easier it is to treat them”, added the general producer of RTVI. According to him, the order is "a kind of marker" that divides into friends and foes.

This news shows the strength and power of the country, shows that already quite old people are being replaced by a new change, a new wave, new guys. I welcome them. It is clear who will lead us. It is clear who will wish us a Happy New Year in 2056”, - Shnurov commented on the news, giving it 6 points.

“I think this is one of the most absurd news I've heard in a week. I will give 10 points for the good taste of the president, and for YurKiss to be inspired by awards and release clips, because I love thrash content”, - Sobolev said.

Shnurov, in turn, came with the news that in Transnistria, a 97-year-old man beat his daughter-in-law with a stick, which prevented him from having sex with a woman 60 years younger. “I think it is necessary to give an order to a man who can have sex with a girl 60 years younger than him”, - the blogger commented on the news feed. Shnurov immediately turned to YurKissa with a request to transfer the award to the old man.

Shnurov rated this news at 10 points. “After Sergey’s news, I remove YurKiss’s score to 8. And this news [about the old man] I give 10, because I wanted to live in this world longer,” Sobolev noted.

After that, the presenter suggested discussing the news about the prohibition of mate in social networks. “I have repeatedly said that I really do not like rain. Not a channel, but exactly as a weather phenomenon. I wrote constantly to the government: please forbid the rain. They cannot prohibit it in any way. And with obscenities it will be exactly the same: the more laws will be adopted banning any vocabulary, any living Russian language, the more we will look at all this as some pathetic attempts of a petty dwarf who is fighting against the force of nature. The element will win, no matter what dams it builds, the water will pierce these stones, and the mat as it was, it will be, because it is our mighty, great Russian language, which always helps us in days of doubts and difficult situations", - commented Shnurov. He also considered that this bill discredited the authorities.

“For people, this is another reason to laugh and swear on the Internet. I don’t think it will stop anyone”, - Sobolev expressed his opinion.

Shnurov rated the news of the ban on mate in social networks by 5 points. Sobolev put 10 for the "absurdity of the prohibition of Russian mate", and 0 for the bill itself, in total - 5.

The next news is the blocking of Vladimir Solovyov in the Clubhouse. “It seems to me that the more we stop Solovyov from talking, the more uninteresting he becomes. There should be a lot of Solovyov, ”said Shnurov. At the same time, Sobolev added that Solovyov "copes well with discrediting himself." Both agreed that the TV presenter's performance can only be envied. Moreover, Shnurov said that he was not ready to work so much for any money.

After that, the blogger asked Shnurov a question whether Soloviev believed in what he was saying. To which he remembered a work about a mask - when it grows, a person becomes a hostage to his role. “I think it happened at the same time with Solovyov. If you watch his broadcasts of the early 2000s, then this is a completely different person. And at some point, for sure, he began to play it, and then he became what he became, and it is impossible to be insincere for so long and constantly”, - the general producer of RTVI believes. As a result, Shnurov put this news 5, Sobolev - 7.

Further, the guests of the show discussed the news of the trial of Alexei Navalny in the case of libel against a veteran. “Navalny has become similar to Solovyov in terms of his presence in the media space. I think this was done on purpose. There is too much of it, and it should just bore you. Such a strategic task is, I think, with the presidential administration, and it is being fully realized", - Shnurov believes.

The host, in turn, called the trial of Navalny a mockery of the judicial system. The guests of the studio agreed that there was no slander against the veteran, an insult took place. Sobolev also noted that the veteran was simply tortured during the trial. According to Shnurov, the death of the veteran live would play into the hands of the authorities. Also, both guests of the studio said that there is no politics in Russia.

“The demonstration in 93 is a protest. When a crowd with red flags rushes to the riot police, when a bus with people enters the cops. If you look at the age category of those people - they are over 40. It was really a protest , ”Shnurov said. Now, according to him, according to the Constitution, it is possible to go to protest actions, but according to the legislation, not, and these contradictions have not been eliminated. Shnurov also believes that we live in a feudal state.

Speaking about Navalny, the general producer of the TV channel also noted that he has no political program. “He does not explain how we will find ourselves in this great Russia of the future, by what way? […] The protest must be political. […] No matter how awful it may sound from my lips now: fair elections in the country without education, without enlightenment are impossible, where is the highest-rated program “Battle of Psychics”, what are the fair elections and democracy here?”, - he said indignantly.

Shnurov rated the news about Navalny at 8 points, Sobolev at 10. Thus, the first place in the show was taken by an informational about a 97-year-old man who had sex with a woman 60 years younger.

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