Destined to become infected: confession of the wife of a doctor with a coronavirus

Destined to become infected: confession of the wife of a doctor with a coronavirus
Destined to become infected: confession of the wife of a doctor with a coronavirus
26 April 2020, 12:37Society
Coronavirus became a litmus test, which showed a monstrous division of patients onto wealthy and "poor", and doctors - onto managers and ordinary doctors.

Irina Mishina

Film's director Galina Nevolina husband took her to the country-side in March, leaving the "stash" of products for a month.

“My husband is a doctor with 40 years of experience, works in the 14th psychiatric hospital, a branch of PKB im. Alekseeva (Kashchenko). He knew that would be so. I knew that every day there would be thousands of infected and a large number of dead. Therefore, he ordered me to sit in the country and not go anywhere. He, as an experienced doctor, perfectly understood that our medicine was not ready to withstand this epidemic and foresaw the consequences. Now her husband says that in the 14th psychiatric hospital - a massive infection of patients. However, as in many psychiatric hospitals, where people, mostly elderly, are 15-18 people in one ward, ”said Galina Nevolina,“ NI ”.

“When all Kashchenko’s departments started to“ burn ”with temperature ( psychiatric hospital - editorial note), the patients began to be transferred to departments of Security Center No. 14, thereby accelerating the spread of the virus. The diagnoses began to be confirmed. Patients, of whom 18 people each in the wards, of course, were then treated. In the department of my husband, the age of patients is 77+! Represent chambers of 18 people?! With such crowding, it was not possible not to get sick. What kind of the individual boxes? What are you talking about?”, - Writes Galina Nevolina on her Facebook page.

At the same time, glamorous portals publish daily bulletins about the health status of our "stars", deputies, celebrities, who got COVID-19. For example, federal media outlets report in detail how one famous singer was "transferred from a hospital in Kommunarka to a" star "hospital in Krasnogorsk; the artist was placed in the VIP chamber. ” “She lies alone in a ward in a private clinic, she is provided with qualified, highly professional care,” doctors told reporters. The well-known blogger also wrote posts from a separate chamber in Kommunark about how they treat and feed them. Of course, we wish everyone good health: everyone is equal before the disease. However, not all our health care system places equal conditions.

With "ordinary patients", our health care system, as a rule, is not ceremonial. “An order was received: to reduce mortality - to write out who can be in time! Imagine a call: "Urgently take your relative home!". And curses against the doctor, because it’s scary to take a sick old woman into the family during the epidemic, ” says the doctor’s wife Galina Nevolina on her Facebook page.

Moreover, it turned out that getting to the hospital for treatment with suspected coronavirus was not easy for the “mere mortal”.

“The husband, who had been treating patients with coronavirus for several weeks without protective equipment, eventually became ill himself. He called the doctor from the clinic, the doctor gave sick leave, said that in a day they will take a test (smear from the nasopharynx). That’s where the state’s help ended! They took the smear and said that it would be ready in two days. But the test was not ready even after 4 days! There is no sense of smell, the food is disgusting ... The husband himself brought down the temperature with medicines that were at hand at home. Constantly called the clinic with a request to do a CT scan of the lungs. Head the clinic replied that CT scans are done by compulsory medical insurance only after a confirmed test. And in the hospital - only after a CT diagnosis “pneumonia.” Only on the 5th day did the test result come back, which confirmed the coronavirus from her husband. And again: “Wait!”

As a result, the majority of patients with coronavirus and treated according to the compulsory medical insurance system are hospitalized in a very serious, sometimes critical condition - time was lost in most cases...

An outbreak of coronavirus disease among doctors is also not an accident. “Ordinary doctors were not protected from the very beginning and worked with patients in direct contact ... The head physician of the hospital is an appointee with different regalia, G.P. Kostyuk, protected from criticism by various powers, is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, and the Presidential Health Council. He was repeatedly told that it was necessary to issue masks at the checkpoint, there should be the presence of elementary disinfectant gels. Nothing was done ... Doctors worked with patients in disposable masks, which they themselves brought - this was the maximum protection. The day before, they were forced to take online courses in 40 minutes and receive certificates that they are ready to work with patients with coronavirus. Although the spouse did not even have time to connect, he was simply given this certificate on Monday morning. And - go work! So psychiatrists began to treat patients with coronavirus. " Most of all, the woman was outraged by the fact that during the pandemic, the chief doctor from his personal account, in which he was alone, held "teleconferences" with medical staff. And this same medical staff in the amount of about 40 people, without observing any distance, was assembled in a small room and for at least an hour heeded the instructions of the leadership.

“This epidemic so strikingly exposed the division into managers and subordinates; rich and poor, that there are no more questions, ”the doctor’s wife writes.

However, we have questions. Why do people with suspected coronavirus infection have to self-medicate and wait for the results of CT tests according to the ominous scheme that medicine officials came up with? Why are COVID-19 patients treated by psychiatrists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists - anyone? Is there a shortage of infectious disease specialists in our country? If so, who is personally responsible for this?

And the last one. Doctors began to become infected with coronavirus en masse. Of course, if there is a stalemate in our medicine, we must attract everyone who can help. But why those who do not provide doctors with means of protection, contributing to the infection of medical staff at work, no one is prosecuted?

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