Officials again offer to fine citizens for the non-payment of housing and communal services from June 1

Officials again offer to fine citizens for the non-payment of housing and communal services from June 1

26 May 2020, 19:01SocietyPhoto:
The Ministry of Energy proposed to abolish the moratorium on penalties for utility bills, which were not paid while the country had a self-isolation regime. He was introduced for three months to support the Russians, whose income decreased during non-working days.

As a result, collection of payments during the period of self-isolation decreased by 30%.

Galina Khovanskaya, Chairperson of the Committee on Housing Policy and Housing and Communal Services, believes that no penalty should be returned, but citizens should be supported who became involuntary payers, having lost most of their income during non-working days. They need to provide targeted assistance during this period so that all utility bills are paid on time.

“The increase in non-payments for utilities is due to the fact that people have lost their jobs. According to official figures, unemployment has already increased to 1.6 million, it is predicted that in the near future this figure will increase to 2.5 million. Before self-isolation, most people had no difficulty paying on time for housing and communal services and not becoming debtors. Now it is necessary to strengthen the targeted protection of those who have lost their jobs. They need to be given a subsidy to pay for housing and communal services, and not to transfer them to the status of non-payers involuntarily, ”Khovanskaya said in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

According to her, in most regions housing and communal services still select up to 22% of all household income. The chairman of the committee suggests setting a norm according to which housing and communal services expenses should not exceed 15% of the total family income.

Khovanskaya reminded that late fees are not charged only in the first month. Then, for three months, a negligible percentage for the outstanding amount is valid. After this time, interest increases at times and can be comparable with banking.

The moratorium is proposed to be canceled for all Russians from June 1. The exception will be those citizens who lost their jobs during this period. They can still take advantage of this benefit in the next two months.

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