The head of the HRC demanded to cancel all fines of the Social Monitoring application

The head of the HRC demanded to cancel all fines of the Social Monitoring application
The head of the HRC demanded to cancel all fines of the Social Monitoring application
26 May 2020, 16:53SocietyPhoto:
The head of the presidential Human Rights Council (HRC), Valery Fadeev, said that the Social Monitoring application had failed, and therefore it is necessary to abolish all fines that were issued to Muscovites for violating the self-isolation regime.

Only during the period from May 19 to May 22, Moscow courts registered more than 1.8 thousand complaints of citizens about the alleged violation of Article 3.18.1 of the city Administrative Code, Kommersant reports. Moreover, some of the applicants learned about the fines imposed on them when they “were sick with a cove and were at home,” or when “they were already discharged and could not break anything.” Recall that the amount of the fine is 4 thousand rubles.

For example, a nurse of the State Clinical Hospital named after Botkina Julia Vladimirskaya was fined twice for violating self-isolation on May 6. She said that she was at home that day because she “had a coronavirus”. According to the fined, she was punished for not installing "Social Monitoring" app: although she "signed the consent to follow up".

- The document was brought to me by a policeman on May 4. Neither he nor the doctors explained that installing the application is required, - Vladimirskaya said.

This consent is contained in isolation orders signed by all citizens infected with coronavirus, their relatives, as well as citizens with SARS.

The publication says that one of the Moscow surgeon-traumatologists admitted that he received two fines of 4 thousand rubles on May 4 and 7 after he had been ill with a coronavirus. He also did not install Social Monitoring.

“I was on sick leave until April 24, I did not install any applications,” the doctor said.

It has long been obvious that the application did not cope with the task.

Recall that on May 20, the head of the Main Control of Moscow, Yevgeny Danchikov, promised to abolish all the “unjust fines” written to Muscovites using “Social Monitoring”. On this day, all users of the application were charged fines amounting to more than 216 million rubles. Moreover, complaints regularly came to the work of the software.

Elena Panfilova, a Russian public figure and human rights activist, was not surprised that the “thing” developed by the Moscow City Hall was “crooked, oblique, malfunctioning and buggy”. At the same time, she noted that the authorities, with the introduction of Social Monitoring, introduced a “punitive regime for loyal citizens because they simply became ill.

Recall that one of perhaps the most egregious cases associated with this application was a fine for violating the self-isolation of Bedridden Professor Irina Karabulatova, bedridden. The fine was later annulled.

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