Passports of Russian journalists expelled from Belarus have become invalid

Passports of Russian journalists expelled from Belarus have become invalid

26 August , 11:15Society
The Belarusian authorities have spoiled the passports of Russian journalists that were detained during the protests and later expelled from the republic. The documents became invalid after they were stamped with a five-year ban on entering the country.

- In accordance with clause 6 of the decree of the government of the Russian Federation "On Approval of the Regulation on the Passport of a Citizen of the Russian Federation, Sample Form and Description of the Passport of a Citizen of the Russian Federation", it is prohibited to enter information, marks and entries in the passport that are not provided for by this regulation. Passport, which included information, mark or write, not provided for by this provision is void" - RIA Novosti leads the explanation of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The department noted that the guilt of the passport holders is not, since they themselves were not involved in the damage to documents. Therefore, journalists will not bear administrative responsibility.

Recall that some representatives of the Russian media were detained after the presidential elections in Belarus. They were released, but banned from entering the republic for five years. Such a ban was received, for example, by Ilya Pitalyov, a photojournalist for Russia Today. Three Dozhd journalists were also expelled from Belarus, correspondent Nikita Telizhenko and Meduza employee Maxim Solopov. It is also known to have been detained by the correspondents of the Russian edition of Daily Storm Anton Starkov and Dmitry Lasenko suffered Associated Press photographer Mstislav Chernov, was admitted to hospital. Semyon Pegov, a freelance journalist for REN TV and the head of the WarGonzo project, were detained.

Protests in Belarus began after the announcement of the official results of the voting, according to which Alexander Lukashenko won the presidential election.

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