Question of the day: how is it possible to connect your life with a man?!

Question of the day: how is it possible to connect your life with a man?!

Question of the day: how is it possible to connect your life with a man?!

26 August 2020, 16:25
Today, in the TOP of LiveJournal, there is a text with a question that until the recent times was a rhetorical one, or was never ever raised by the female part of the world in a public form at all. But what times are now - such questions are.

A well-known blogger and writer Yana Frank, who moved from Tajikistan to Germany back in 1990 and writes under the pseudonym Miu Mau, is addressed by a certain girl:

“Yana, hello! I want to ask you about one question, I don’t even know how to formulate it. In fact, I would like to get married, have a family and children. But I cannot imagine how it is to connect my life with a man for a long time. because I see men fading away. Here begins a romance, everything sparkling. Men’s eyes burn, there are some interests, curiosity about life, some stories, adventures, desires, goals. And then you start a relationship with them. and they seem to fade. Soon they do not want entertainment, do not really want anything at all. They start to sit at home and take a break from work, and that's all. Old stories soon know everything by heart. New ones do not appear. And why would a person live between refrigerator, sofa and work. Somewhere disappear all ambitions, all desires, openness and daring to some kind of stars. At best, they plan to renovate or buy an apartment. And they are all like that. They have a light only during the candy-bouquet period. What to do?"

“Hello!” - Yana Frank replied. “The candy-bouquet period when people are in love is a special state. It’s so energy-intensive, actually. When hormones are raging, emotions are overwhelming, a person is actively trying to charm a new person, to get closer to him. he has all the best that he has, and stories, and thoughts, and dreams. In such a state you cannot live permanently. There will be no strength for another life. Many even after some time say that they would not want to fall in love anymore, because that it distracts too much from normal life. You start to "run with bulging eyes" for a while again, and everything else goes by the side: work, business, all sorts of important projects. And you, apparently, like this state very much. there are not so many things that it distracts? Then you probably do not need to get married, and in order to save up for an apartment and fade between work and the refrigerator ...

PS Maybe you were hoping to get here some kind of recipe for getting married so that family life would be "like a roller coaster"? Maybe there is such a way, but nothing good occurs to me. Options come to mind, which in fact I do not wish for anyone. :-)"

In our opinion, Yana's answer is more than correct: the girl hasn’t acquired a mind for family life - there’s nothing to start!

Well, female colleagues from the editorial office answered the question in this way:

- The main thing is that in a relationship a man does not become a second child for a woman, that is important. That is, so that the woman does not turn into a second mother.

- You will connect life with a man, and then he will bind you hand and foot with duties and load everything that is possible. And he himself - yes: work-sofa-refrigerator. And all this in headphones.

- Reading the first part about "fading away" I thought that men were dying, but this turns out to be about a light)

Answer: With you, women, one can die easily.. 😓😥

- If you're lucky, it's easy)

- Absolutely in agreement with the topikstarter. Of all those who were touched, only one was caught, and that one was gay. For this reason, I officially advocate a maximum 5-year marriage period, prolongation only by mutual consent of both parties. There is no other way with these creatures ...

- In general, a person feels bad alone, a family is necessary.

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