Russia did not find a replacement for American engines for the "biplane"

Russia did not find a replacement for American engines for the "biplane"
Russia did not find a replacement for American engines for the "biplane"
26 August, 10:43Society
Rusaviaprom, the manufacturer of the TVS-2MS aircraft, a modern modification of the famous An-2 "maize plant", has not received the requested money to replace the American engine and propeller that are installed on the aircraft.

According to Izvestia, the company requested money back in May. It was about 9 billion rubles. The government did not issue this amount and offered to postpone the issue until the car was certified. Previously a developer, the Novosibirsk Institute "SibNIA named after. Chaplygin”, filed a corresponding application, but the procedure also requires large financial costs and will inevitably drag on for many years. To create copies of American parts, tests, calculations, analyzes must be carried out, which at best will take 3-5 years. Director of SibNIA Vladimir Barsuk has already explained that the certification of the TVS-2MSN board (which differs from the TVS-2MS tail unit) will be carried out with an American engine and propeller, the institute will not copy American units.

Note that TVS-2MS is the main aircraft of Russian small aviation. Its operation has been allowed since 2015 on the basis of a certificate of validity, and the aircraft did not receive the type certificate that is required now due to the lack of regulations.

Recall that Russian airlines, which have lost access to spare parts due to economic sanctions imposed after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, are forced to dismantle aircraft for spare parts. Now the Ministry of Transport is developing amendments to the legislation, according to which it will be allowed to rearrange spare parts from one aircraft to another in order to maintain their serviceability.

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