Dr. Oganensyan to the officials: “Leave the doctors alone, let us work!”

Dr. Oganensyan to the officials: “Leave the doctors alone, let us work!”
Dr. Oganensyan to the officials: “Leave the doctors alone, let us work!”
27 April 2020, 12:13Society
Armen Oganensyan, the head of the intensive care unit of the largest Moscow private hospital MEDSI, which was also adapted to fight with the pandemic, published a passionate appeal on his blog to the officials who are preventing doctors from working in this difficult time.

Since his appeal contains - and rightly so! - the profanity, "Novye Izvestia" quote it with the reduction:

“It's not so easy to find time to visit Facebook if you are currently working in a hospital receiving patients with COVID-19. But I want to say. The country's hospitals are crowded. Resuscitation doctors are demoralized by a monstrous, merciless - even for the emergency hospitals - mortality. Frustrated by fatigue, difficulty working in new conditions, uncomfortable form. They were killed by the lack of people, the lack of equipment collected from the world on any thread, lack of simple drugs and ordinary consumption. There is not much and will not be simply because there is nowhere to buy because of the global shortage. People are humiliated by the fear of death - dozens of doctors, sisters and nurses have died. Probably hundreds are in hospitals.

And at this time there are people and organizations who know how to have fun in the rear. For almost every patient in intensive care, a doctor must fill out a telemedicine consultation form. Send him somewhere so that smart, unknown uncles from the federal headquarters, sitting in the office, showed him how to properly treat the patient. In fact, retyping the temporary recommendations of the Ministry of Health sucked from a finger. I even know what they will write - kaletra + plaquenil + tocilizumab + interferon.

Guys, is there anything that you won’t even have a tariff for in Moscow, and you won’t buy a fucking actem in the Russian Federation? After that, every day you need to direct the dynamics for this patient indicating the implementation of recommendations. The Moscow City Compulsory Health Insurance Fund stated that it will check 100% of medical records with the code U07. The same Moscow City Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, which, together with the mayor’s office and Department of health 2 months ago, said that it does not need federal or private institutions and treats its patients itself, and a month later made an offer to “help Moscow” with a gun at the temple of the requested. The Ministry of Health and their regional clones are not far behind - they are requesting reports on complainants and deceased online. Roszdravnadzor went further - began on-site inspections and requested immediately to provide medical records of all the dead. The Investigative Committee is waiting in the wings. A large harvest is planned.

And the paper work went. Hundreds of man-hours are spent on this - phony reports and stories are printed with tocilizumab all without exception, tales of the best help in the world, in strict accordance with the wise recommendations of the Ministry. All the dead were intubated. Everyone had enough space in the wonderful reanimations, made up of shit and sticks for a week of reprofiling. Boring. Boring comrades in the classrooms. They are waiting for our mistakes to catch and humiliate. Report and shove the blame. Get rewards and earn money.

Our dear inspectors. Wait a couple of months. There will be an epidemic, we will write out the patients and write you everything as you want. Place the commas where appropriate, paint the story so that you regret that you also did not have cove. But until this time, please, LEAVE the doctors at rest. God sees everything, and you can lie down on this bunk as well. This diagnosis is now behind everyone. Neither Volynka nor Kommunarka will save you. If it saves, then only the doctor and the nurse at the bed from which you try to distract them off..."

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