Hydrometeorological Center predicts the all-time hot summer in Russia

Hydrometeorological Center predicts the all-time hot summer in Russia

27 April 2020, 12:18SocietyPhoto: ngnovoros.ru
The Russian hydrometeorological center forecasts a record hot season this year, air temperature will rise to the highest values.

Earlier, American scientists on the study of the ocean and atmosphere predicted with a probability of 75% that this year would be the hottest in history. Due to the abnormally warm winter, climatologists have already adjusted the forecast for global warming. Experts have recommended not investing in ski equipment , as soon there will be nowhere to ride.

“In Russia, probably the year will not be the hottest in history, but certainly by the height of the air temperature it will almost certainly be in the TOP 5 of the hottest seasons, perhaps it will take the second or third line of the rating, ” RIA Novosti writes with reference to Roman Villefand, scientific director of the Russian hydrometeorological center.

According to him, climatologists every five years predict a rise in temperature to record levels. The forecasts are confirmed over the past 25 years - these are the results of global warming due to an increase in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.

According to the Russian hydrometeorological center, the air temperature in the capital will warm up to 20 degrees in the coming week. Rainy weather is expected on Wednesday and Thursday. Frost at night is not predicted.

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