Russians will be fined for barking dogs and faulty car alarms

Russians will be fined for barking dogs and faulty car alarms
Russians will be fined for barking dogs and faulty car alarms
27 April 2020, 10:30SocietyPhoto:
The future Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) will be expanded with the liability for violations of silence at night, including dogs barking and car alarms.

“Based on the results of the consideration of the proposals received, some of the administrative offenses provided for by the Special Part of the Code of Administrative Offenses were finalized,” the Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

The changes affected part 6 of article 14.1 of the draft Code of Administrative Offenses, which provides for administrative responsibility for committing acts that violate the peace and quiet of citizens from 23:00 to 7:00. It is supplemented by an indication of the possibility of inaction in the commission of this offense.

- This wording will make it possible to bring to administrative responsibility not only citizens who violate peace and quiet with their active actions (for example, loud music, playing musical instruments, performing repair work), but also those who do not take the necessary actions to ensure silence, for example , leaves for a long period in his apartment a dog that bothers its neighbors with a loud bark or howl at night, or does not take measures to turn off a malfunctioning car alarm beat, - explain in department.

At the same time, a new penalty was excluded from the draft Code of Administrative Offenses for an unjustified refusal to fulfill the legal requirements of consumers. The Ministry of Justice explained that the legislation on consumer protection has already spelled out appropriate measures of responsibility.

In addition, the Code of Administrative Offenses is supposed to establish a limitation period for bringing to administrative responsibility. It is assumed that it will be one year, but it is proposed to provide for exceptions to the general term.

Recall that earlier amendments were made to the Civil Code to explain when summer residents will have to “tolerate” noise from a neighboring site.

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