Why Governor Shumkov disliked “tolerance”

 Why Governor Shumkov disliked “tolerance”
Why Governor Shumkov disliked “tolerance”
27 May, 16:47SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
An official from Kurgan confessed his dislike for the words "democracy" and "tolerance".

Ivan Zubov

Russian officials often sin with ambiguous and scandalous statements, but recently - especially often. The violent reaction of social networks to the proposal of the Crimean deputy to ban English in schools has just died down, as another character in the political scene distinguished himself - the governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov, who said:

“I treat the words “democracy” and “tolerance” with caution. For me, the concept of "tolerance" is generally something indecent. It means something of sexual seduction. It's from there somewhere. I don't like it".

As for democracy, such an opinion is the norm for a Russian official, since this concept still remains an unsolvable mystery for both the authorities and the people. But regarding tolerance, the official clearly got excited, demonstrating a clear ignorance of the meaning of this term, but publicly sharing his subconscious complexes, mentioning "sexual seduction".

It would be worth reminding the governor that tolerance is a sociological term denoting tolerance for a different worldview, lifestyle, behavior and customs, or, in other words, the ability to perceive without aggression the thoughts, behavior, forms of self-expression and lifestyle of another person that differ from one’s own. . However, in our country this concept is completely useless, since tolerance, like democracy, is not included in the list of domestic virtues. Tolerance for a different worldview in Russia is, indeed, something on a “sexually corrupted” level.

It is also noteworthy that Shumkov shared his opinion with the public during the opening of the New Time. We are new”, reports URA.RU. The name, of course, is optimistic, but nothing more, since nothing new is happening in the country, but quite the opposite: it is slipping deeper and deeper into a cave state.

Commentators appreciated the governor's revelations:

- As long as there is no tolerance in Russia, it will continue to cannibalize, no matter what they change and no matter how they ennoble their cesspools

- That's right. There can be no tolerance in the Middle Ages.

- And what do you want if yesterday's bodyguards become ministers? Where do glimmers of intelligence come from? The Sheremetyevs and the Nelidovs have been in Paris for a long time. Educated, decent intelligent people do not go to power. Firstly, they simply disdain, and, secondly, the whole system there is designed to ensure that there are no such people in it. The degradation of society must be complete .

However, there were those who believe that the governor knew perfectly well what he was talking about:

- I think he knows perfectly well what tolerance is, that it has nothing to do with sex. He just needs to make propaganda in any statement, in any interview. Sheep take a ready opinion. Here he gave it to them.

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