Former Deputy Mayor of Yakutsk convicted of abuse of power

Former Deputy Mayor of Yakutsk convicted of abuse of power

27 July , 09:41SocietyPhoto:
The Yakutsk city court sentenced the former deputy mayor of Yakutsk Vasily Gogolev (pictured) to four years in a general regime colony. At first, he was accused of a bribe of 114 million rubles, and later the charge was re-qualified for the abuse of office.

Gogolev concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement. The case was separated into a separate proceeding, according to the city prosecutor's office.

Other defendants - two heads of construction firms - are awaiting sentencing.

Recall that Gogolev was detained in June last year. He was arrested and then placed under house arrest. The former official was accused of accepting a bribe from Stroy-Academy for amending the documents for the construction of a large apartment building, according to which the number of storeys of the building could increase from 13 to 16 floors.

Note that the deputies of the Yakut mayor change quite often. According to the portal "Young Dalnevostochnik", in less than two years, the head of Yakutsk has changed nine deputies. Among those who left the post, two left because of scandals with a higher education diploma. Currently, Yevgeny Grigoriyev has taken over the post of deputy mayor.

It should be noted that searches were carried out in the office of the first deputy of the Yakut mayor Vladimir Fyodorov in May 2019. It was assumed that the attention of the security forces was associated with the activities of the furniture salon "Victoria", which belongs to the wife of Fyodorov.

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