An indicative list of exemptions from mobilization of IT-specialties approved

An indicative list of exemptions from mobilization of IT-specialties approved
An indicative list of exemptions from mobilization of IT-specialties approved
27 September, 11:26Society
The Ministry of Digital Development has updated the list of specialties that fit the criteria for exemption from mobilization for IT and communications specialists, taking into account the education they have received. These are 195 areas of training specialists.

The ministry clarifies that many people come to the industry from related professions. This is a recommended list. It is formed on the basis of proposals from industry associations and backbone companies and, on the whole, comprehensively reflects the structure of their employment. There were specialties approved by orders of the Ministry of Education and Science in 2013, as well as specialties in which universities taught before. In the appendix to the order of the department, a correspondence was established between the current and earlier specialties.

“When filling out an application for public services, you need to find the name of your specialty (as in a diploma) in the table and use it to find its current name, which you want to indicate in the application”, - the ministry said in a statement.

However, the presence of an appropriate specialty and employment in an accredited IT organization or in a telecom operator does not by itself give an exemption from the draft: it is also necessary to perform critical functions.

Recall that the department was going to open forms for submitting a list of employees who qualify for a deferment from partial mobilization on the Gosuslug portal.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense published clarifications on the categories of citizens who will not be affected by the partial mobilization announced in the country on September 21. The Telegram channel “Explaining.rf” published a message according to which university students who passed the military department while studying at the bachelor’s degree, retain a deferment from partial mobilization upon admission to the magistracy, and upon admission to the specialist’s degree, they are deprived of this right.

It should be noted that highly qualified specialists in the field of IT, communications and media who have been refused a deferment from mobilization will be able to challenge it if they send a full package of documents to the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation.

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