Hell on the border with Georgia: “black” traffic is controlled by security forces for money

Hell on the border with Georgia: “black” traffic is controlled by security forces for money
Hell on the border with Georgia: “black” traffic is controlled by security forces for money
27 September, 16:29SocietyPhoto: Фото: rf-smi.ru
Checkpoint "Upper Lars" is paralyzed. Citizens trying to leave Russia and enter Georgia report giant traffic jams. And while people are sitting in cars for days without water and food, "thieves and police earn money by transporting people to the queue."

Yekaterina Maksimova

On September 27, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Vakhtang Gomelauri, announced approximate figures on the number of people who entered the country. Approximately four or five days ago, there were 5-6 thousand visitors daily. And now the traffic has increased to 10 thousand entering a day.

Now the entire territory near the checkpoint is a solid dead traffic jam, it stretches for 25-30 km. There are thousands of cars. This is not counting buses with passengers and those who are trying to cross the border on foot.

The Rise edition conveys the story of a Russian citizen Sergei from the Moscow region, who got stuck at the Upper Lars checkpoint (was in line for the sixth day) and complained about police corruption.

"We are in the center of a humanitarian and corruption catastrophe. Local thieves with cops earn money by transporting people to the queue. It's hell. The state has withdrawn itself from solving the problem. Now they have closed the passage for smuggling black auto traffic (those who paid the fare) with a truck. Actually, that's all because of the money. The segment of the journey is 25 thousand from the car. Technically, these ... cut several million rubles a day. The traffic police does not interfere in any way and indulges in every possible way", - says Sergey (quote from Rise).

According to eyewitnesses, the travel time for both borders takes at least 5 days. Arguments - "there are children, women, the elderly, the disabled in the car" - do not work. Those who are on foot, on a scooter, roller skates or a bicycle manage to slip through in a day or more.

“Screams, brawls, sometimes even fights: North Ossetian taxi drivers are trying to get through anyway, although cars with numbers 15 of the region are not allowed for some reason. Yesterday they drove an armored personnel carrier with soldiers. queues from 23 August.

Sergei, who spoke about "black traffic", confirms that people sit in traffic for days without food and water. At the same time, children are in many cars.

"In Moscow, the Ministry of Emergency Situations would have been driven long ago with some kind of porridge, with water. Nobody needs it here. At night and in the evening it is dangerous to get out of the car here - skirmishes, take away water, threaten. There are cars where people are in civilian clothes, but fully armed ", - says Sergey.

The telegram channel "Nikolai Levshits" reports on September 27 that a state of emergency is being introduced on the Russian-Georgian border. "This was stated at the meeting by the head of North Ossetia, Sergei Menyailo. According to the head of the republic, the passage is closed for residents of the North Caucasus - they are turned back at the checkpoint. In the near future, a field mobilization point will be deployed at the border," says Nikolay Levshits, the author of the TV channel. .

Information about the opening of a mobilization point in North Ossetia at the Upper Lars checkpoint is also confirmed by the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region. "Despite the measures taken, the situation remains extremely tense. A decision was made to allow citizens to cross the border on foot, and a number of further measures are planned in terms of law and order and road safety. In addition, at the checkpoint in in the near future, a mobilization point of the military registration and enlistment office will be deployed," RIA Novosti quotes the security officials.

Earlier, Georgian MP Levan Karumidze announced the following figures: from the moment the NWO began and until September 25, 52,000 Russians entered and stayed in Georgia.

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