Honey is sweet, but the bee stings: TV can't decide whether we should be at war with America or not?

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings: TV can't decide whether we should be at war with America or not?
Honey is sweet, but the bee stings: TV can't decide whether we should be at war with America or not?
27 December 2021, 11:45Society
Although the propagandists assure the viewer of Russia's incredible peacefulness, they reserve the right to an “adequate response” to the enemy.

Sergey Mitrofanov

But the propagandists are not so guilty. Forced to follow the course, they simply fail to decipher the articulated concept. On the one hand, Russia is the most peaceful country in the world, on the other, it cannot allow something, and this “something” is by no means an attack on it. This "something" is happening in the United States, NATO and Ukraine.

The holiday comes to us

Nevertheless, we must note the image of the press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has been worked out over the years.

Assistant girls in the hall, dressed in the costumes of snow maidens, colorful banners of specially selected journalists, all this makes this action look like a New Year's ice holiday on ice. Where evil, of course, is present (NATO, foreign agents, Ukraine, the Bad Wolf), but it will certainly be defeated by the Good skating. To the delight of the kids. The spoken messages will occupy experts at many expert platforms around the world for a long time. Even I liked the argument that Russia cannot be defeated except with the help of an internal enemy, and this, they say, has been possible twice in the last hundred years.

How to destroy Russia from the inside

The first time in 1917. This was done by Lenin and Stalin, to whom the communists of Russia regularly bring flowers to the mausoleum. (* In my opinion, they should think hard while doing this!) Second time - Gorbachev, Yakovlev and Yeltsin. OK.

On the other hand, on the site of the collapsed Russian Empire, the same comrades created a "rush state, an experiment state" (* as Dmitry Kiselev recently put it in "News of the Week"), and in the place of the USSR - Russia rising from its knees. Perhaps also "the state is an impulse, the state is an experiment."

So, in the same message, four different combinations are varied, allowing even more interpretations.

Lenin and Stalin are deeply wrong that they ruined the Russian Empire using German money, but they atoned for their guilt by later creating the USSR. Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Yakovlev (* and Politburo member Yakovlev, according to the assurances of the communist Y. Afonin, was also a CIA agent) are deeply wrong that they destroyed the USSR at the instigation of the West. But maybe it is permissible to believe that they also atoned for their guilt, since this circumstance led to the leadership of the country by Putin with his hypersonic missiles, and she got up from her knees?

In general, a huge field for thought.

Ukraine was created by Lenin, before Lenin it did not exist

Another striking statement at the press conference, made in a separate banner. Obviously, very even fair, although it is not clear to me personally, where Taras Bulba lived then.

But indeed, the collapse of the Russian Empire on the money of the German West, perpetrated by foreign agents Lenin and Stalin, launched the process of creating new states. The peoples simply had nothing else to do when the central government disappeared. (* It was as if the Bolsheviks shot her in the Ipatiev House.) It was necessary to organize the supply and finance ourselves, which was what the Ukrainian people tried, Ukrainian politicians tried. Not very successful, however, because at the next historical stage, Ukraine was annexed to the USSR, depriving it of its sovereignty. Nevertheless, up to this point, Lenin once again made an effort to create a sovereign Ukrainian state, concluding the "shameful" Brest Peace, which pushed Ukraine under the German protectorate. Whether Lenin was a good or bad uncle in relation to the state of Ukraine - history has not judged. If we assume that a sovereign Ukraine is a problem for Russia, then, apparently, evil.

However, Lenin was not the only one who contributed to the creation of Ukrainian statehood. Two general secretaries in a row - Khrushchev and Brezhnev - had Ukrainian roots and patronized Ukraine. Under them, the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature received an impulse, which made it possible to approach 1991 with the formed Ukrainian nationalism. Perhaps it was not worth talking about this in this TV topic, but the current communists are imperialists, and when they (in the person of, for example, the young communist-careerist Y. Afonin) begin to press on TV for a military solution of the Ukrainian question, they are quite Their propaganda colleagues justly remark that the communists created this intolerable situation of Ukrainian sovereignty, including by voluntarily giving Crimea over to Ukraine.

The result is, of course, not a discussion, but some kind of gibberish.

Chivalrous behavior of TV

The TV is surprisingly chivalrous. This was manifested in the relationship with the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. The latter deeply angered Russian propagandists with his statements that NATO would not agree to further expansion of Russia to the West, where it drew its red lines, believing that it has a limitrophe there.

(Matveychev: “Eastern Europe is historically the zone of our influence.” Tretyakov: “Then polite Mexicans in large Cossack Sombreros will appear in Mexico.” Putin: “And if we supply missiles to Canada?” Korotchenko: “Sooner or later Ukraine will be in the state. "Skabeeva:" We are not creating the USSR, we are correcting Gorbachev's mistake ")

Well, said Stoltenberg and said. Well, the propagandists were outraged and outraged. However, here it is interesting how the claims against Stoltenberg and his insults are built. He is not a military man and there is no army behind him. He de supervises only his secretaries and, in general, a pensioner, who will soon be sent to live on an honorary sinecure at the Central Bank of Norway. He is nobody and nothing to us.

In other words, they humiliated the meaningless Stoltenberg.

But the question is: would it be more pleasant for TV if a cadre warrior, behind whom is a huge army, takes over the leadership of NATO? It turns out strange: like we refuse to fight with a pensioner, give us full-fledged NATO force.

Well, they will serve it - what's the problem? Do you want that?

Poisons were brought to Donbass

A very promising topic within the framework of the hypothesis of a future war is the supply of poisons to Donbass by some unidentified American PMC in the amount of 120 people. A representative of the LPR and DPR has been reporting this for several days. It is clear that this is exactly what Russia will not put up with and will come to rescue the kind Donbass people with Russian passports. Since this is the constitutional duty of the President of Russia.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Shoigu also spoke about poisons in the Donbass: "For the provocation, reserves of an unidentified chemical component were delivered to the cities of Avdeevka and Krasny Liman." Moreover, first they brought in ...an antidote, probably so that the Americans from PMCs themselves would not be poisoned when unloading these unidentified poisons.

The name of the poisons is known to the Donbass intelligence, but it is impossible to pronounce it aloud. A very difficult word. Representatives of Donbass do not dare to reproduce it, so as not to break their language. There is an assumption that the poison will be poisoned with this water supply, although the poison will thus get into the water system of the Ukrainian Mariupol.

But did this ever stop the Ukrainian fascists? Only Russia can stop them.

Stop America!

A very hot topic is the legislation on foreign agents. It was traditionally brought up by foreign agents from the BBC. But it turned out that the Russian Duma was not invented by the Russian Duma, it was not the Russian Duma that came up with the law that encourages reprisals against journalists who write in publications that have some, even incomplete and scanty, foreign funding.

It was thrown to us from the USA. Russian deputies only follow the American patterns of the Washington Regional Committee. But if in the United States they immediately give a five to a foreign agent, even if he has long ceased to act as agents, everything is humane here, only a huge fine. And if you don’t pay, you can, of course, be jailed, but for something else - for non-payment or falsified reporting. Truly, we need to stop this America so that she does not dispose of us here.

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