10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 28

10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 28
10 news from outside the Moscow MKAD Ring Road: January 28
28 January 2021, 16:47SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
They say that there is no life beyond the Moscow MKAD Ring Road. However, the life of the regions is filled with a mass of resonant events. The most interesting news of the day can be found in the publications of the 1MediaInvest holding and in the selection of Novye Izvestia.

Fire at a gunpowder factory in Perm

This morning, a fire broke out at the Perm Gunpowder Factory, as a result of which three people were injured. This fact is being checked. According to Properm.ru, a similar incident took place at this enterprise in July 2019 - then five people were injured there, and one more died. At the same time, the journalists of the publication found out that after the emergency, the gunpowder plant was repeatedly caught in violation of fire and industrial safety standards.

The trouble with clean air in Nizhny Tagil

The journalists of Tagil City once again revealed a significant excess of the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of harmful substances in the air of Nizhny Tagil. So, on January 28, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide was 10.5 times higher than the norm. The measurements were taken at the railway station. Sources of nitrogen dioxide emissions, according to the publication, are EVRAZ NTMK, VGOK, UVZ, Planta and Uralchimplast.

ASF (African swine fever) is raging in Tatarstan

In 24 out of 43 districts of Tatarstan, quarantine for African swine fever has been established, Inkazan reports. The measures will be in effect until the special order of the head of the republic, Rustam Minnikhanov. In areas where quarantine is in force, it is forbidden to walk pigs, sell products obtained from their slaughter, and also hold fairs.

The story with the "Lexus" from Volgograd

The head of the Volgograd head office, Police Lieutenant General Alexander Kravchenko became interested in an accident with a Lexus, which, when turning left, did not let the trolleybus pass, as a result of which the latter touched a foreign car. At the same time, the traffic cops staged everything as if the trolleybus driver was guilty of the accident - for two hours they tried to "correctly" park the car, so that the impression was created that the trolleybus had "rammed a standing SUV." This accident caused a resonance in the society. In this regard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs began an inspection, which Kravchenko took under his personal control, Novosti.Volgograda.ru informs.

A gift from Putin to a Bashkir schoolboy

17-year-old Artem Ganiev from Bashkiria received a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin with his autograph. On New Years, the teenager sent a letter to the head of state asking for a personal meeting and a joint photo. The dream has not yet come true, but attention is the best gift. Ganiev believes that "everything is still ahead". The schoolboy called the president an example of "a real man and a leader with a capital letter", writes Mkset.

A well-known prosecutor became a Sverdlovsk official

Andrei Kiryakov , who, as a prosecutor, headed the group investigating the death of tourists at the Dyatlov pass, was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Sverdlovsk Region. As Tagil City reminds, experts under the leadership of Kiryakov came to the conclusion that the Dyatlovites died due to an avalanche.

The killing of the Amur tiger

In Primorye, law enforcement officers detained two people suspected of killing an Amur tiger. According to Vostok-Media, the body of the predator was gutted and kept indoors - it is possible that one of the detainees was at home. What they planned to do with the carcass is not specified.

House with the mold for Rostov orphans

Orphans from Krasny Sulin complained about mold in new apartments that were given to them by the authorities. However, local officials, in turn, blamed the orphans for the incident, RostovGazeta reports. So, the deputy head of the Krasnosulinsky District Administration Larisa Khilchenko suggested that mold could appear due to the fact that the residents covered the battery with a sofa, and also dried things in the apartment and did not ventilate them. The authorities are not going to recognize the moldy housing as unfit. At the same time, cracks have already gone through the house.

Poems from the Bashkir neural network

The first collection of poems in the Bashkir language, written by a neural network, appeared in Ufa, Mkset reports. We are talking about the book of the scientist Boris Orekhov "Min shiғriәt үҙе... Computer shikyrar" («Мин шиғриәт үҙе… Компьютер шиғырҙар»). In general, this is the second such collection in Russia, the first was written by the artificial intelligence in Russian.

Rostov treasure

32 Horde coins were found by specialists during excavations on Petrovsky Boulevard in Azov. They have survived from the time of the Battle of Kulikovo, writes Rostov Gazeta. According to the candidate of historical sciences Andrey Maslovsky, the owner of this treasure could be either a simple inhabitant of the Golden Horde Azak, or a soldier-participant of the Kulikovo battle.

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