Putin sees no reason to assert about a special coronavirus "dump"

Putin sees no reason to assert about a special coronavirus "dump"
Putin sees no reason to assert about a special coronavirus "dump"
28 June 2020, 23:45SocietyPhoto: kremlin.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that there is no reason to argue about whetger the coronavirus "was specially dumped off by someone" or was created by artificial means. Instead of figuring out where it came from, it’s far more important to build a defense system, Putin believes.

“There is no reason to say that someone dumped it off into the country on purpose, someone did something on purpose. I think that if someone sticks to this version, then nothing good will come of it”, - Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" on the channel Russia 1.

According to the president of the country, now it is necessary “not to blabber on where it came from” and, instead of mutual accusations, to combine the efforts of states in confronting the consequences of the pandemic.

“It is important for us to understand the essence of what is happening and build a system of protection. Where it came from is another question. It is necessary to do what leads us all to get rid of this threat. On this path, success awaits us, and not on the path of confrontation”, - the Russian President emphasized.

According to the head of state, the crisis that caused the pandemic of the coronavirus has become one of the largest that he has ever encountered. But, according to him, having really appreciated the possibilities, the country has every chance to pass a difficult period with minimal losses. To do this, we must act competently and in a timely manner, Putin said.

Earlier, US and Western authorities repeatedly threatened China for concealing information about the spread of coronavirus infection, accusing the PRC authorities of artificially creating a new type of coronavirus. Beijing, however, blamed the United States for similar actions.

According to the latest data, in Russia in total more than 634 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected, more than nine thousand patients died. In terms of the number of infected, Russia ranks third in the world after the United States and Brazil.

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