TV is sure: Russia will win the inevitable war of civilizations

TV is sure: Russia will win the inevitable war of civilizations
TV is sure: Russia will win the inevitable war of civilizations
28 July 2020, 17:06Society
Telepropagandists agreed with Lenin's thesis about the inevitability of wars under capitalism and decided to take China as allies.

The propaganda week was announced to us by the declaration of the cold war to China made by M. Pompeo, the case of Furgal and the “revolution of dignity in Khabarovsk”, as well as the everlasting lack of statehood in Ukraine - it was unable to lift the sunken tanker and understand the Minsk agreements.

Sergey Mitrofanov

But first about China. Pompeo did indeed perform so. The declaration of a cold war on China caught Trumpists around the world by surprise. They need to somehow get involved in Pompeo's rhetoric, but how? After all, China did not give the slightest reason for this, except for the coronavirus, which he either invented in his laboratory, or not, but the evidence is still weak. Nevertheless, China certainly did not attack anyone, and the fact that it produced a lot of cheap goods - so take it yourself, who is in the way. Isn't competition the god of the free market?

Of course, China is not a democratic state. It is governed, as according to the Strugatskys, by the "Unknown Fathers", but it cannot be said that it is anti-market, anti-capitalist. China's economic success was largely due to the fact that, unlike the USSR and even modern Russia, it adopted Western institutions and used them without hesitation, admitted Western capital and entrepreneurs to itself, and allowed the Chinese as a people to freely flow into Western society without pestering patriotism.

In addition, China is the largest holder of the US dollar and has the least interest in America's collapse. America would love China and blow away the specks of dust. What Pompeo and the Trump behind him are allegedly doing - trying to cut China off from global relations - will make it dangerous faster than what it currently is. Moreover, this is another demonstration of the anti-liberal policy of the Trumpists - they are not going to win in free competition, but to reduce the chances of China by their own dirigism.

Why they are doing this and how serious it is is a difficult question. For human rights in China and a free Hong Kong, Trump is also not going to fit in too much, considering that this is not his personal responsibility. There is a version, which I also adhere to, that this is just how the Trump party creates a paper tiger for the elections, in fact, following the path that Putin opened to Trump.

Putin fought Crimea and rhetorically opposes everything Western, on which he built his reputation as an indispensable macho for Russia. Macho Trump, on the other hand, rhetorically swung at the whole totalitarian China and wants to include his voters in this struggle.

The Chinese question was also vividly discussed by our pike vests at V. Solovyov's. Whether by chance or not, many suddenly remembered here that in the past they were also communists, therefore, close to the Chinese. The communists were the director Shakhnazarov, the Democrat Stankevich and Vyacheslav Nikonov, about whose communist grandfather the historian wrote that he had blood on his hands up to his elbows (he signed the execution lists without even reading who was in them). "American" Zlobin and V. Soloviev himself were a candidate for membership in the CPSU. And the deputy Kalashnikov is still a communist, which made them all hurt by Pompeo's expression that communists always lie.

So they are lying! And right now, on a blue eye.

In general, this freak show of experts came to the traditional conclusion that diverse civilizations are obliged to fight (Lenin's thesis about the inevitability of wars under capitalism), and Russia should be in tandem with China on this matter ("Happy Navy holiday, comrades!" ), and figs they will cope with us then. Gorbachev will not happen again.

But the trouble is, China is not so much communist as Confucian, Confucianism is the source of the political wisdom of the Chinese leadership and the ability to use other people's know-how, and Russia is a big Orthodox fool. It is unlikely that something positive will come out of this bundle.

The wounded Furgal dropped the banner, but the next soldier raised it and took up the line

This is how Television describes the situation in Khabarovsk with the slain Furgal and popular protest on this matter. One gets the impression that only the governor plows there. Especially in the sphere of a dilapidated communal apartment. If there is no governor, there will be no communal apartment. But the FSB pulled Furgal out of the farm, and it became quite dashing. You need to throw in the fresh parts, otherwise everything will fall apart. They threw Mikhail Degtyarev, who was not fired upon from Zhirinovsky. He knows absolutely nothing about Khabarovsk. For example, he does not know that this is an edge, not an area. Doesn't know how much bread costs in the store, but is ready - ready to fight and die for a just cause. Salute to Degtyarev!

Meanwhile, the liberals in Moscow are for some reason confident that a revolution of dignity has begun in Khabarovsk, that people want democracy, although TV is, in general, right (it's bitter to admit this): if Furgal killed someone before (for which he was arrested ), the slogan "I am Furgal" sounds absurd. If not ominous.

It is another matter that the accusation is not sufficiently substantiated. All the same Furgal is not a pickpocket, but an elected governor, must have the tools of protection . There are few verbal accusations, and the caption of the reports “The widow first told how Furgal killed her husband” is worded incorrectly - Furgal is anyone, but not a killer. In prison, however, it will be difficult for him to defend himself. Let's give it credit, the same Degtyarev demanded that the trial of Furgal be open and public, not secret and masked. However, we expect to be undercover in masks.

The aunt with a courageous face and in epaulettes under the coat of arms with swords is performing. It turns out that everything with Furgal was clear back in 2004, but "the data on the criminal prosecution of Furgal were not entered into the accounting databases," some law enforcement officers covered Furgal - such a misfortune, and wrote the protocols in such a way that they were not accepted by honest judges. ...

What kind of law enforcement officers are they, what kind of judges? Probably snow people. Their traces are lost in the sands and forests.

Meanwhile, "60 minutes" made fun of Zelensky

They made fun of the following reason. The tanker sank near Zelensky, they began to lift it, and he took it, and turned over, the oil spilled out "into our Black Sea", they still could not lift it. Indicates the inefficiency of public administration. This is the first thing.

Second. Zelensky does not know how to read and is only now asking to interpret the Minsk agreement. In general, "ha ha ha" and "hee hee hee".

Meanwhile, these ha-ha-ha and hee-hee are walking against the background of people swimming next to a half-sunken tanker, jumping from it into the water, which means that the Ukrainian disaster is not so catastrophic. In Norilsk, the fish no longer bathe, because as a result of the fact that their container burst there, the river and the lake became of a rainbow hue. On the other hand, Russia has effective public administration, effectively gagging everyone.

Zelenskiy is reproached in Russia for not changing the Constitution for the sake of the Minsk agreements. But Zelenskiy is really not Putin. This Putin is unique in his own way, if you do not take into account the leaders of African tribes, he can change the Constitution at any time, if he wants and how he wants. But not everyone in the world can do this at will.

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