TV ruled out that Belarus instead of America became a stronghold of democracy

TV ruled out that Belarus instead of America became a stronghold of democracy
TV ruled out that Belarus instead of America became a stronghold of democracy
28 October 2020, 17:09Society
Telepropagandists claim that the face of American democracy is now the naked ass of the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The next round of attacks by propagandists on the brain of the TV audience fell on a significant misalignment of US domestic policy, local elections and a strange "referendum" in Ukraine, as well as on Tikhanovskaya's ultimatum to Lukashenko's regime.

Immediately about the situation with Trump, who seems to be starting to give up his position as a second-term president.

How many times have we already mocked the meme "Trump is an agent of the Kremlin", but TV does not get tired of getting new circumstantial evidence. Of the latest "evidence" - someone (not Russian hackers?) Hacked into the computer of Biden's son and published his homemade pornographic photos. Undoubtedly, this is a strong blow to Biden Sr. Like "you can't lead your son, don't take over to lead America!" Or, as our Zlatoust, "General" Korotchenko, remarked: "The naked ass of Biden's son is the face of American democracy!" (* Applause in the Russian studio, the meme is brought out in large text on the screen)

However, Biden's criticism clearly contains both hypocrisy and distortion. For example, Biden Jr., Hunter Biden, who is already over fifty dollars, in particular, is reproached for pedophilia. But the captured fragments of the aunt that are shown on Russian television do not at all prove this. Maybe the aunt who appears in the frame is younger than Hunter, but she is clearly not a girl and clearly has the right to do what she is currently doing. It also does not follow from the shooting that Hunter "was corrupt along with Petro Poroshenko." This is not there, it's all invented and far-fetched!

A few words about "adult" pornography. For some reason, our (yes, probably, and American) society is sanctimoniously sure that only the layman has beautiful and spiritualized sex behind closed doors. And Hunter Biden's sex pulled out for everyone to see is ugliness. In fact, any other people's sex in public space looks ridiculous, even if taken from a movie with "stars". You need to reconfigure something in your head in order to treat it correctly.

And by the way, here is another amazing example given by Ukraine on this issue. There, the Femen activist was quite radically naked in front of Zelensky at the polling station, which caused a wave of bullying at the Russian TV. Zelensky himself did not react to this in any way, that is, he acted like an adult man, which, in general, is correct. But the reaction of the so-called law enforcement forces is surprising, they just in a panic began to throw something at the activist, as if the sight of “you know what” could cause irreparable damage to the state system. In my opinion, this is absurd and one should be calmer. Democracy is "funnier" and "livelier" when something like this happens.

Shooting on the streets of Belarus

And democracy in Belarus is not very funny and not very lively. There, something completely different happens. Last Sunday, the protesters took to the streets again about a hundred thousand people, whom TV traditionally called "ten thousand demonstration", and the authorities greeted them with rubber bullets and stun grenades. For the first time, I think, in the post-Soviet history of peaceful protests, if one does not take into account state revolutions. It is clearly seen from the TV summaries that the firing was as if it were in Stalingrad, and why TV assures that the people were originally for Lukashenka and that this is not the "ass of democracy" is inexplicable.

The version is as follows: allegedly “it was not possible to overthrow Lukashenka in fair elections,” and here are the dishonorable protests. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious, even to propagandists, that the elections that triggered the protest wave were not that fair from the outset, the people of Belarus solidarly demand changes, and the “Lukashists” are not going to leave peacefully, they are rude and resist. And this is the whole point, and not that the United States is allegedly heating up (* statement by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu), which, by the way, do not heat anything up, but call back in the person of Pompeo on the phone with Lukashenko.

In other words, our TV in this context is for Three Fat Men. And he identifies the "gymnasts of the Tibuls" exclusively as the hirelings of the West. Although even the chubby Shpakovsky admits: everything looks a little disgusting, and the Belarusian “people are sorry”. People, as it is clear from the opposition Nekhta, already threw themselves into the cold water of the canal, fleeing from the peaceful riot police, because “Tikhanovskaya’s head completely screwed them up.

In particular, such a scene is analyzed. They started shooting, and the demonstrators ran. And behind them - Lukashists, they are persecuting. The protesters ran into the entrance, began to knock on the apartments, their kind people hide like their partisans. But after those fleeing, riot police rush into the apartments (and this is a la the movie "Schindler's List"), they beat everyone, women scream. Someone filmed what was happening on video, and it was later posted on the underground Telegram.

Skabeeva: “But they were asked three times, open the door! And then, yes, they burst in! But the women were not beaten, well, once, maybe someone got it with a stick by accident. The women must have been screaming out of fear".

It is logical, since people in masks asked to open, but they were not opened, the doors must be broken. But legal mines are also felt in the words "persecute" and "burst in". Do Belarusian Tontons Macoutes have the right to “chase” the protesters when they have already left the streets? They are not terrorists. Moreover, to break into the apartments of citizens? Or terrorists - the TV helpfully shows the wire, with which someone, somewhere, was short-circuiting the railway tracks on which trains with liquefied gas travel.

“The problem can be solved only by political dialogue,” the chubby Shpakovsky says competently. Nobody argues with him. But behind the sarcastic voice of the political scientist Galkin: "When will it start?"

Chaos and coronavirus in Ukraine

The propagandists attacked Ukraine again, but there was a reason for that - local elections. The goal of propaganda is to reduce the chances of the Zelensky center and thereby increase the representation of pro-Russian parties in the regions.

The center really sank somewhat as a result, but it is not yet clear whether the “pro-Russian” ones won much. The failure of the center is explained not so much by the efforts of pro-Russian propaganda as by the most vague policy of the "Servants of the People". It remains unknown what they plan to do about Donbass and how they should behave in the long-term conflict with the Russian Federation. As during the war or as during the settlement?

Zelenskiy seems to have tried, at the last stage, to tighten the rhetoric in the Poroshenko style and, with the help of a strange opinion poll, which is called a "referendum", to attract his voters to the polls. But, firstly, he was somewhat late with this, and secondly, Poroshenko's rhetoric of confrontation always turned out better and more natural.

One way or another, the center has significantly lost its leadership, and the deputies from the "Euroselection", on the contrary, have consolidated in second place and have gone to all major municipalities, as they said. The catastrophe of the breakdown of the regime, however, as predicted by TV (mocking the questions of the referendum, in particular there was about medical cannabis), did not happen.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has stood in the way of resolving the situation with Donbass. We now have a plug in all barrels. According to newsmakers from both conflicting sides, a terrible epidemic is raging on the neighboring one. And if so, then the transitions are closed and integration is canceled, the Minsk agreements, the failure of which Zelensky was reprimanded for, are frozen. In fact, “integration” did not have any special chances before, and so separatism and the failure of the negotiations received a completely legitimate justification.

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