Mission Impossible: How to Pass a Free Antibody Test in Moscow

Mission Impossible: How to Pass a Free Antibody Test in Moscow
Mission Impossible: How to Pass a Free Antibody Test in Moscow
29 May 2020, 10:51Society
From May 27, Muscovites can take a free test for antibodies to coronavirus in 30 clinics of the capital. Previously, only those who participated in random sampling testing could pass this analysis. It would seem that now all the problems have been resolved.

However, as it turned out, only the lucky ones manage to donate blood for antibodies.

Irina Mnishek

This test has been waiting for a long time. Its results will immediately show whether the person was ill with a coronavirus and whether he developed immunity. The test can also answer the question of whether the person is currently sick with Covid-19.

How to pass a free test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus? You can only sign up remotely, for this a preliminary electronic recording is created. If you are attached to any of the city polyclinics, you must sign up for a blood test from a vein on the mos.ru portal or through the Emias application. Well, let's try.

Запись на бесплатный тест на антитела к коронавирусу на портале mos.ru оказалась для меня недоступна.

This procedure was not easy. First, it was necessary to clearly observe the instructions of 5 points, without making a mistake in any. By the way, I don’t think that all Russian pensioners will have the patience and ingenuity to freely overcome all the difficulties of the search and get to the coveted line “Blood is antibodies to Covid.” When I finally reached this record after half an hour of torment, the system mockingly issued: "There is no time available for recording."

But stubbornness forced to look for workarounds. I called the district clinic to which I was attached. The long answer answering machine gave as always zero information. Only from the 7th (!) Time I was lucky. And - bingo! The operator said that a test for antibodies to coronavirus can be taken at the clinic near my home, which is about 10 minutes walk. But in order to pass the treasured test, it is necessary to perform a number of feats. For example, the operator said that now recording is only in mid-June. "Recording via the Emias app starts every day at 7 in the morning. If you are lucky and you will “rip out” your place, you can get a record for the second half of June, ”the operator said.

The prospect of squeezing into the record of thousands of Muscovites who got up a little light to test for antibodies to the coronavirus attracted little. In addition, the operator warned: "Before you donate blood for antibodies, the doctor should give you a referral."

In general, everything is as usual in metropolitan medicine: only overcoming obstacles can lead to the goal.

Москвич Дмитрий Сысоев не смог записаться на бесплатный тест на антитела к коронавирусу ни как прикрепленный к поликлинике, ни по месту жительства.

Here is how Dmitry Sysoev describes his attempts to donate blood for antibodies to Kovid-19 on Facebook: “Nadys was announced that“ every Muscovite ”can, at his request, be tested for antibodies to coronovirus. This was widely trumpeted by Rakov. Since I have a "mass death" in my family, I’m going and running to record. And what ? But nothing! You can sign up "as a Muscovite", that is, attached, or as "NOT a Muscovite", that is, NOT attached. I try "as NOT attached." I live physically in Vnukovsky, we have a new one, a year like a built, with a pomp clinic, was delivered to clinic 212. And? But she is not on the list. Good. I am attached at the place of registration in the clinic 155 in my native Beskudnikovo. And the same sad result. Down and down. Okay. It happens. I’m calling the hotline. A peppy answering machine after all pressing the voice menu “joyfully” informs me that the test is “prescribed by doctors according to indications”. That is, all words, all loud statements - another profanity. They are not interested in anything except cutting and dividing the dough in practice. ”

Платный тест на антитела к коронавирусу можно сдать дорого, но быстро.

To clarify the reasons for such difficulties when registering for a free test for antibodies to Kovid-19, NI turned to the Moscow Department of Health. They kindly agreed to help find a list of clinics in which you can take this analysis. But a miracle happened. With the introduction of the “Covid-test” line, a whole page with contacts and a description of the paid Covid-19 test was opened on the DZM website. With a detailed price list and description of the fence analysis. Cost - 3 thousand rubles, plus 2 thousand services of a nurse, plus a thousand - delivery of the analysis by courier. Total: 6 thousand for one test. I think this tab magically opened not by accident: it is a “lifeline” for those who need to pass this test. It is not difficult to guess that the majority of Muscovites will go along the toll road. First of all, because it is convenient, fast and does not require morning vigils in an attempt to "pull out" the cherished queue.

The list of 30 clinics where you can take the test, however, also opened. We give a link to it: https://mosgorzdrav.ru/covid-test. Maybe someone will be lucky...

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