Unemployment in Russia increased 3.5 times during the quarantine

Unemployment in Russia increased 3.5 times during the quarantine
Unemployment in Russia increased 3.5 times during the quarantine
29 June 2020, 18:40SocietyPhoto: pixabay.com
Official unemployment in Russia increased 3.5 times during non-working days due to the coronavirus epidemic. Since April more than 1.9 million Russians have been registered by the employment centers.

According to Mishustin, there is no need to talk about the explosive growth of the unemployment in the country. “Now our first priority is to restore jobs and reduce the number of unemployed in the country”, - he said at a meeting on the situation on the labor market. To restore the labor market in the country is a plan for the next year.

In Russia, the Ministry of Economy predicted unemployment to reach its all-time high this year over the past decade. The ministry expects that by the end of the year the number of unemployed will increase to 5.7% throughout the country. The head of the Superjob job search portal, Alexei Zakharov, believes that today the real number of unemployed in the country is above 10 million, and by the fall the number of Russians who have been left without work will double.

During self-isolation due to the epidemic, all those who lost their jobs received benefits of 12.1 thousand rubles. Parents with children who lost their jobs during this period may additionally receive three thousand more for each child. In addition, to prevent the explosive growth of unemployment, only those entrepreneurs who retained jobs were able to receive support during this period.

Mishustin previously signed a decree that extended payments for children aged three to 16 years in July. All Russians who have already received a similar one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles in June will receive it automatically in July. A new application is not necessary. Those parents who have not yet had time to apply for a one-time help can do this before November. They will be credited immediately with money for both June and July. A single payment is issued to everyone who has children, regardless of whether one of the parents lost their work during this period or not.

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