Fraudsters began to use the scheme with the "transfer by mistake" on the websites

Fraudsters began to use the scheme with the "transfer by mistake" on the websites
Fraudsters began to use the scheme with the "transfer by mistake" on the websites
30 March, 09:17Society
Fraudsters have begun to spread their scheme to the sites of advertisements on the Internet, according to which they are trying to "return" the allegedly mistakenly credited funds.

According to RIA Novosti, according to one of the scenarios, the attackers transfer a small amount to their victim's card, after which they ask for a refund. At the same time, they provide the details of the third party to whom the funds were supposedly intended.

If the request of the fraudsters is fulfilled, then a securing payment will be made in order to link the card to the Internet service. After that, the attackers will not need codes or SMS-confirmations to use the victim's card.

“Now they can make purchases and, with the help of services linked to the card, write off money from clients' cards without additional verification,” explained Evgenia Lazareva, head of the ONF project “For the Rights of Borrowers”.

There is one more scenario of action according to this scheme. It is associated with the transfer of "advance" on ad services. The expert said that in this case, scammers publish many advertisements for the sale of goods at a price significantly lower than the market price. The buyer is asked to pay in advance as a reserve. The card also belongs not to the fraudster himself, but to another potential victim. And fraudster ask to return the allegedly erroneous transfer. As a result, the buyer, who still does not receive the goods, demands the return of funds from the person to whom they transferred them, and the fraudster remains on the sidelines.

Sometimes the scammers even offer the “middleman” to keep some of the amount for himself as “bothersome funds”.

- If you use private classifieds services, then it is important to conduct all operations through it. Do not follow links, do not communicate in other messengers, do not transfer money from card to card, ”warned Sergey Golovanov, a leading expert at Kaspersky Lab.

Recall that the consultants-methodologists of the Ministry of Finance's project to improve the financial told what mistakes Russians make when using bank cards and how to protect themselves from fraudsters. Among the main blunders are the lack of antivirus software on a computer or smartphone that uses an online bank, they don't cover the password entry panel at an ATM, they don't use the fast payment system using a phone number - the safest way, they don't have a separate card for online purchases.

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