At war as at war: in Novosibirsk, patients with COVID-19 are put up in tents

At war as at war: in Novosibirsk, patients with COVID-19 are put up in tents

30 May 2020, 18:04Society
Doctors of the ambulance explain this measure by the fact that there are not enough places in the hospitals.

Natalya Filimonova, an employee of the human rights organization Rus Sitting in Novosibirsk, and her husband have been ill with COVID-19 for a week, however, for some reason, only to God and medical officials, they were hospitalized only yesterday. To the tent. In Siberia. Here is what Natalya herself writes on her blog:

“How I spent tonight. Having received the results of a CT scan with the formidable CITO (urgently, approx.ed), I called an ambulance. By evening, my husband and I were taken to the 11th hospital on Tankova. Already in the car, the doctor, who came after us, hinted that there were no places in the hospital, and she had to wait until the next one was free, for those waiting in the yard there was a disaster medicine tent.

We have been in this tent for 5 hours. Together with us 4 more people. By the way, they said that we were lucky, because there were 18 people here in the afternoon. We have no chance of getting to a hospital bed before morning.

The question is, why the hell are you taking people to a street tent, knowing that they will have to spend the night there.

The second question, shouldn't patients drink and eat?

Third: what did the Minister of Health of the region say about the willingness of the region to accept all patients?

Who ever came up with this savage scheme, pickled for several hours people with pneumonia?

And this is a tent photo. A bottle of water and glasses were bought by the employees of the disaster medicine, they feel sorry for these people..."

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