Muscovite returned with serious injuries from an expensive Crimean hotel

Muscovite returned with serious injuries from an expensive Crimean hotel
Muscovite returned with serious injuries from an expensive Crimean hotel
30 July 2020, 16:56Society
Summer vacation 2020 in Crimea Muscovite Yelena Fedoseyeva will remember forever. The rest in a respectable spa hotel ended with a concussion, leg injuries and a torn chin. What happened to the tourist in the "home harbor"?

Nobody can clarify. Elena has a blackout, the hotel administration has a gap in video surveillance.

Photo:инстаграм Елены Федосеевой

Julia Suntsova

Lawyer Yelena Fedoseyeva followed the advice on domestic tourism and went on vacation to Crimea with her daughter and daughter's friend. A week in a respectable spa hotel More ("Sea") on the Black Sea coast cost her 160 thousand rubles.

Photo:инстаграм Елены Федосеевой

Hotel complex 5* "More Spa & Resort" (Sea) positions itself as one of the best spa resorts on the southern coast of Crimea.

Own territory of 16 hectares with thuja and relict forest. Guests have at their disposal a private beach, a complex of swimming pools, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports grounds, terrencourt paths, bicycle tracks. Eleven villas of the Sea Spa & Resort hotel are suitable for both a secluded weekend and family holidays. SPA procedures with a bath complex with a “choice of unique procedures”. Excursion programs. Walking along the sea. Sports entertainment. You can also organize a quiet romantic dinner by the sea, - says the hotel's website.

For the first four days Yelena really felt like a revived hero from booklet landscapes. Mountains, blue sky, splashing waves, boat trips, sunrises, sunsets, bliss and serenity.

But on the fifth day, the scenery was drastically withered. At four o'clock in the morning, she found herself lying near the pool with her body smashed to blood. A bruise under the eye, a laceration on the chin, a swollen face from blows, two knocked out teeth, abrasions on the legs and extensive hematomas on the inner sides of the thighs, concussion and partial amnesia ...

The night before with the girls, they went to a bar. For myself - "Long Island", for children - lavender lemonade.

We sat for a while in the lobby and went up to the room. We went to bed.

“I am one of those people who are not badly affected by alcohol - why not drink a Long Island cocktail at night so that you can sleep better. For some reason they made two of them for me, I did not drink the second one. We sat for about 20-30 minutes. We got to the room, then I sat on the balcony, smoked, called my husband, called a friend. And went to bed. My daughter and I were holding hands - falling asleep - we have it all the time, when we fall asleep, we hold hands. Everyone fell asleep. Then the memory is cut off. It was getting light. I woke up on the asphalt on the territory of the hotel in shorts and a T-shirt, in which I slept, covered in blood and in very poor health - I was sick, I was dizzy, "the woman told Rain.

Травмы, зафиксированные Еленой Федосеевой

Yelena reached the reception, from there an ambulance was called for her, which provided first aid and took her to the city hospital. The chin was sewn up, a plaster cast was applied to her arm, and the woman postponed her visit to the gynecologist and dentist until she returned to Moscow.

The next day, she said, she asked to be put in touch with the hotel security to watch the video from the cameras and understand what had happened to her.

Травмы, зафиксированные Еленой Федосеевой

She was shown footage of her walking down barefoot from the villa to the pool. Then there is a space. The security service did not have the most valuable video recordings of what happened at the pool and how the injuries were inflicted. In the last shots, she rises to the villa, already beaten and bloody.

According to the victim, she was beaten (and she admits that she may have been raped) just in this "blind" gap, and she could fall into unconsciousness due to the fact that an unknown potent substance was mixed into her drink in the evening in a bar.

The hotel management insists that the client got into the pool already injured, and received injuries on her terrace when she tried to go outside at night not through the door, but through the balcony.

Травмы, зафиксированные Еленой Федосеевой

The general director of the company, managing the hotel More Artyom Artyomov, in his commentary to the TV channel, said that CCTV cameras switch to active shooting mode, reacting to movement, and there is no movement - there is no recording either. “The moment of injury itself is not recorded”, - he admits.

“Saw Long Island is vodka, rum, gin, tequila and liqueur in one combination. This is a pretty serious cocktail. At night she left the room. As we assume, she, most likely, when she left the room on the first floor - there is a balcony - could fall from it in the area where the cameras do not work or did not work, because they only record movement. Then she went, apparently fell, was injured, went to the pool, bathed there, being already in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and already traumatized. Then I went to the reception at the spa clinic. At the same time, at 3 o'clock in the morning, the doctors who work in the clinic gave her first aid, called an ambulance there from the city hospital. An ambulance helped her and took her to the hospital”, - Artyom Artyomov announced his version.

On July 28, 9 days after the incident, the hotel officially commented on the incident.

“In recent days, a lot of messages have appeared on social networks about an unpleasant situation that happened to our guest, including with various direct and indirect accusations against our hotel and a number of employees. The bulk of the stormy information disseminated, to put it mildly, does not correspond to reality We value the loyalty of our guests and our reputation, therefore we do not plan to conduct any further discussions of the hotel's position stated in this publication, as we consider it categorically unethical. We have video recordings from all surveillance cameras, staff testimonies, results of guest interviews, and other evidence. We have restored the chronology of events of the night that is actively discussed now, including repeated visits to the bar during the day (with details of the ordered alcoholic drinks), bathing of a guest in the pool, arrival of an ambulance, etc. We consider it necessary to note that the recorded sequence of events refutes the facts set forth in the resonant publications of users who were not witnesses of the discussed events, which are now actively spreading on social networks. Since we treat carefully the information concerning the personal life of each of our guests, we do not intend to release video recordings from surveillance cameras to any public otherwise than at the request of the competent representatives of the authorities”, - the press release says.

Травмы, зафиксированные Еленой Федосеевой

The administration of the hotel complex also announced its intention to prosecute the guest and the commentators "deliberately defaming the business reputation" of the hotel for libel.

In his personal comments, the representative of the hotel, Artyom Artyomov, considers it necessary to focus in detail on how often, at what hours and what exactly from the map of their bars Yelena used, as if these establishments were not invented for that. “I constantly drank alcoholic beverages - from morning to evening. Mojito every day. "

The administration is much less eager to talk about the main thing - but how did it happen that on the territory of the hotel, where a room costs 25 thousand rubles per day, the guest gets serious injuries and no one can prevent and investigate this? We do not know how this happened, - says Artyom Artyomov, but at the same time, for some reason, zealously excludes an attack or violent actions by another person (s). As if he knows something.

The general director of the hotel, to whom she contacted, refused to provide archives of video recordings from that night to Yelena, citing the law "On Personal Data". “But if I'm alone there, as they say, why not provide the tapes? Whose personal data are they going to protect? " - comments Yelena Fedoseyeva.

Травмы, зафиксированные Еленой Федосеевой

After a night shrouded in mystery and darkness, the guest with the children spent two more days at the hotel and checked out according to plan. Nobody called the police on the day of the incident. Before the flight, as the victim says, she turned to the office in Gurzuf, but they allegedly refused to register the application.

“On the 22nd I called a taxi to Gurzuf and went to the police there. The police officers nagged me for about 30 minutes. Like, girl, what have you forgotten here, what do you want from us at all? I wrote a statement. An employee came to me - and they say, let's go and talk to you on the street. He made me tear up this statement, but it remained in my hands, I did not throw it away. He was not accepted, but I have it. They told me, they say, what you want from us - you all come here, we are not enough for all of you”, - says Yelena.

According to the victim, she does not intend to fight for her rights in terms of any material compensation, she only wants one thing - to punish the one (those) who beat her. The woman does not point to anyone, because, according to her, she does not remember how everything happened. However, in contrast to the hotel's management, she also categorically insists on the criminal nature of what happened with the participation of another person (s).

Returning to Moscow, the victim's colleagues sought an inspection by the Moscow authorities.

The prosecutor's office said that Yelena's story is not unique, and a few weeks ago in the same area, the holidays of other tourists had already ended with similar sad finals. However, the prosecutor did not find any legal grounds for initiating the case - they say, there are no records, there are no witnesses, and she does not remember what happened.

“The problem is this. The case takes place on a private territory, where security is working, there is a fence, cameras are hanging and a patrol mode is introduced. The woman somehow did not get into the field of view of the cameras, avoided meeting with the guards, no one saw or heard anything. Here is not a dark alley, not a night ravine, not abandoned garages on the outskirts. This is a very expensive hotel for a conditional 5 * by all standards, the owner of which probably has weight in the local administration and who firmly refused to provide digital data in order to understand what happened in reality", - stood up for a friend Anton Mitrofanov.

According to him, the hotel management should think about who is hired by bartenders and security, and when Crimeans charge their clients 25 thousand rubles per day for rest, they should also take full responsibility for those who bring them profit.

On July 29, the editorial office received the following reply to the Novyye Izvestia's request to the MIA General Administration for Moscow:

“We inform, that the information that the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Alushta allegedly refused to accept the application of the citizen about the infliction of bodily harm on her is unreliable. It was established that in the police department an officer helped the citizen to draw up a statement, but she refused to submit it for registration in the prescribed manner and left the department of internal affairs, which is confirmed by the recordings from videocameras and the testimony of citizens who witnessed this situation. In addition, during the preliminary check on the fact that the citizen received bodily harm, no criminal component was revealed".

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