Experts announced the upcoming rise in car prices

Experts announced the upcoming rise in car prices
Experts announced the upcoming rise in car prices
30 July, 14:30Society
The prices for cars in Russia will grow by 1-5% in the third quarter of this year, according to market experts.

Andrey Terlyukevich, General Director of AutoSpecCentre, told RIA Novosti that the growth could reach 3%, depending on the brand and model. He explained that running cars usually go up in price after new ones with a small time lag.

A larger rise in price is predicted in Avilon - 2-4%, explaining this by fluctuations in the exchange rate and a change in the model range in a number of brands. - It can be assumed that in the second half of 2021, the increase in some models may slow down if importers overwhelm the market with new cars, - suggested Marketing Director Andrey Kamensky.

The general director of "Avtodom" Andrey Olkhovsky noticed that the price of very old cars will not change, but the cost of cars with low mileage will increase significantly.

"In the third quarter, there will be no large-scale growth in prices for cars - on average in the market, the increase will be from 3% to 5%, but at the same time there will be brands that will keep the price level. Growth of up to 10% is possible for some brands. It all depends on the sales strategy and goals of the automakers for this year", - Olkhovsky said.

It's worth reminding that the Taiwanese microchip manufacturer TSMC predicted a reduction in the deficit of chips for the automotive industry in this quarter. However, it will be possible to completely get rid of it only in 2022. Some experts expect a decrease in prices for foreign cars in this regard.

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