A "funeral" of the urban environment was held in Vladivostok (VIDEO)

A "funeral" of the urban environment was held in Vladivostok (VIDEO)
A "funeral" of the urban environment was held in Vladivostok (VIDEO)
30 September 2020, 16:15SocietyPhoto: anews.com
The authorities of the Primorsky Territory promised to punish "up to dismissal" all who participated in the installation of granite benches and flowerpots in the center of Vladivostok, without discussing this decision with the townspeople and architects.

This is stated in the telegram channel of the Primorye administration.

At the beginning of the month, ten gloomy granite benches and the same flowerpots and urns were installed in the center of Vladivostok by order of the mayor's office. The townspeople reacted to the "improvement" - they immediately began to write on social networks that such an architectural ensemble resembles a cemetery, and besides, the benches are uncomfortable, and sitting on granite is simply cold and dangerous to health.

City activists even laid flowers at new landscaping sites as part of the Funeral of Common Sense campaign. The authors of the comments under the video, in which a citizen puts ritual carnations on a bench, invited each deputy to sit on granite stones.


"Employees and heads of the road department of the Vladivostok administration, who took part in the development of design estimates, technical specifications for the purchase and installation of granite benches in the center of Vladivostok, were coordinated and approved without taking into account the opinion of architects and city residents, should be punished up to dismissal", - followed, in turn, the reaction of the regional administration.

Governor Oleg Kozhemyako intervened in the situation. He recalled that this is not the first time city officials have made architectural decisions, which are then criticized. He decided that the time had come for the creation of an architectural council with the participation of architects, city and regional officials, and "necessarily the public" so that decisions on the improvement were now taken together.

Now the Vladivostok prosecutor's office has joined the case. The supervisory authority checks the purchase of "graveyard" benches and flowerpots.

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