Fitness clubs reported losses after mobilization began

Fitness clubs reported losses after mobilization began
Fitness clubs reported losses after mobilization began
30 September, 09:12SocietyPhoto: 1MI
After the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia on September 21, fitness clubs reported a 10–25% decline in club card sales. Cases of refusal of already purchased subscriptions have become more frequent, the holders of which are trying to reimburse the funds or rewrite the card to friends or relatives.

Market participants, as well as two largest Russian associations of companies providing services in the sports and health sectors, spoke about the first losses after the start of partial mobilization in an interview with RBC.

“Literally immediately after the announcement of partial mobilization, customers began to refuse club cards, trying to refund funds or reissue them to relatives or friends", - said Elena Silina, president of the National Fitness Community .

The National Fitness Community unites more than 1.9 thousand clubs in 79 regions. Its president said that from September 19 to 25, club card sales fell by about 25% compared to the same period last year.

The Association of Fitness Industry Operators, which has 1,500 members in 60 regions, reported an increase in membership cancellations over the past week. Here, too, a drop in sales volumes up to 50% of the daily average was confirmed.

X-Fit Operations Director Irina Tumanova reported a drop in sales for the week by 10-15%, as well as an increase in the return of subscriptions. At the same time, the structure of attendance was preserved: "men and women 50 to 50%".

The top manager of one of the major Russian chains of fitness clubs announced the haste of conclusions based on the results of one week. In his opinion, it is necessary to take the indicators of the month. He did not rule out a recovery in demand in the future.

“People got a negative mood and uncertainty, but this did not affect sales,” said Nikita Dementiev , director of the Volgograd studio Fit'n'Fly, adding that men began to take cards less often for a long period.

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