Barbed wire from Gazprom and others. Who fences public beaches in Crimea

Barbed wire from Gazprom and others. Who fences public beaches in Crimea
Barbed wire from Gazprom and others. Who fences public beaches in Crimea
30 November 2020, 20:44Society
A sub-company of Gazprom bought out another villa on the southern coast of the peninsula and is now enclosing it with a fence with barbed wire.

The daughter company of Gazprom bought out another, already the third Crimean villa of the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov in the village of Parkovoye on the southern coast of the peninsula. And not only bought, but also encloses its new property with barbed wire right along the beach, depriving all "outsiders" of access to the sea, and local residents are evicted through the courts at the suit of the Yalta administration.

The announcement of the sale of the villa appeared on the official website in mid-October with a starting price of 699.9 million rubles, and on November 6, the results of the auction were summed up, in which one and only company participated - Eco-Tourism Center in Parkovoye LLC (hereinafter - "ETC in Parkovoye"), the founder of which is LLC "Rissko", owned by "Gazprom". Since the auction was declared invalid due to the absence of other bids, it was decided to sell the building to the only participant at the starting price...

Красным выделены объекты «Газпрома». Сиреневым — 15-этажное здание с прилегающими постройками частных собственников.

Earlier, the same “ETC in Parkovoye” bought out a neighboring villa, both of which are located in a park recognized as a monument of history and culture of the early 20th century. And in the same place, next to the same company, and therefore Gazprom owns the Krymsky Breeze hotel complex. These properties are separated by a high-rise residential building, built in the Ukraine. Now they intend to demolish it, because from its upper floors a good overview of the territory of Gazprom's residences opens, although the apartments in it have already been sold to private owners.

Then, as in other villages on the southern coast of Crimea, where Russian state-owned companies and high-ranking officials have built their residences, all this will be fenced in with barbed wire, and free access to the beaches for local residents will be closed.

An example of this is the six-meter fence in the village of Oliva, where the state offices of the FSO and the top officials of Russia are located. Moreover, the inhabitants of this village, whose houses have fallen into the security zone for several years now, cannot register their property in the Russian legal field - the FSO is against. The same fence with a "thorn" stretches around the boarding house "Dnepr" in Yalta, owned by the Federal Tax Service, and in many other places. As you know, in Russia the law does not exist for everyone.

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