Blogger covering protests was detained in Khabarovsk

Blogger covering protests was detained in Khabarovsk
Blogger covering protests was detained in Khabarovsk
31 July 2020, 10:46SocietyPhoto: ВКонтакте
Khabarovsk police have detained blogger Alexey Romanov (pictured), who chronicles the protests provoked by the arrest of the former head of the region Sergey Furgal on his Youtube channel.

Romanov was taken to the Khabarovsk police station No. 6. According to lawyer Vitaly Tykhty, Romanov is charged with an administrative article on violation of the established procedure for organizing or conducting a procession, which entailed harm to human health or property, Siberia.Realii reports.

- For participation in unauthorized rallies, their filming (!) And broadcast (!) Delivered under white handles to the police. Administratively detained. Now a certain administrative inspector will come and draw up protocols for me.

The attitude of the police is polite and friendly. Which, of course, does not cancel the wildness of the situation, - wrote Romanov on his Facebook page.

He added that "they took him at the exit from his apartment, the address of which he did not give to anyone".

Previously, Romanov worked as a journalist in Khabarovsk. Then he left the region and started covering protests in Russia and the CIS countries. According to him, he and his family had to move to Georgia due to pressure from the authorities. After it became known about the arrest of Furgal, Romanov returned to Khabarovsk.

It should be noted that rallies in support of the arrested ex-governor have been continuing in the Khabarovsk Territory for twenty days. On July 29, boat protesters blocked Amur.

On July 9, Sergei Furgal was arrested on suspicion of organizing murders and attempted murder in 2004-2005. From July 10, actions in support of Furgal have continued in the Khabarovsk Territory. In many countries of the Far East and other regions, citizens express their solidarity with the Khabarovsk people who are demonstrating.

The first arrests began in late July. Several people were arrested, the rest received fines. Khabarovsk activist Valentin Kvashnikov was detained twice a week. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur on July 29, after another rally in support of Furgal, eight people were detained at once.

In Moscow, the leader of the Left Front, Sergey Udaltsov, was arrested for 10 days because of his solidarity with the Khabarovsk residents - he was accused of organizing an uncoordinated rally.

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