Rostourism took one week to sell tours with cashback

Rostourism took one week to sell tours with cashback
Rostourism took one week to sell tours with cashback
31 July 2020, 10:03SocietyPhoto:
Sales of vouchers in Russia, for which tourists will be able to receive partial compensation, will last one week, said the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova.

“We expect that there will be a sales window within a week, - Doguzova said on the Russia 1 TV channel, adding that “the whole country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, takes part in the program without exception”.

According to her, the start of the program will be announced in the near future so that tourists can choose a tour that suits them. It will be possible to relax according to the program with cashback until the end of this year.

Earlier Rosturizm has identified a list of regions that participate in the program. To receive a bonus, you must select a tour that includes transportation and hotel accommodation from the list also indicated in the list. The refund for one tourist can be up to 15 thousand rubles.

Let us note that in addition to the rather short term of the program, there are other restrictions. For example, vouchers for which you are supposed to receive cashback can only be purchased online and only from a Mir card. There are no installments - the buyer must pay the full amount at once.

Experts have already expressed an opinion that the program, in fact, does not support tourism, but the MIR payment system.

- I suspect that this is a private initiative of the MIR payment system, which is being promoted by Rosturizm. Or a regulatory document of the Federal Tourism Agency should be published. If the conditions are determined by the regulatory act of Rostourism, it can be challenged in court, - said the co-chairman of the Union of Consumers of the Russian Federation Alexei Koitoav.

Let us recall that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the allocation of 15 billion rubles. for partial compensation to Russian tourists for purchasing tours in Russia. The government expects that about three thousand people will be able to receive compensation.

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