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29 May
Mission Impossible: How to Pass a Free Antibody Test in Moscow
From May 27, Muscovites can take a free test for antibodies to coronavirus in 30 clinics of the capital. Previously, only those who participated in...
28 May
Never cross the threshold of the place of work! Serfdom temporarily is returned in Crimea
The owners of one of the Crimean hotels intend to deprive their employees of the right to leave it for the entire holiday season.
Video of the day: 100-year-old Masha found 92-year-old Vanya
A hundred-year-old patient at a Moscow hospital recorded a video message in support of her 92-year-old husband, who ended up in the neighboring...
Fascist-TV presenter Vasiliev called not to treat the sick children
In his blog, a popular TV presenter suggested collecting money not for the treatment of sick people, but for supporting the fashion industry.
Chelyabinsk doctors were given dance costumes for the visits to patients with coronavirus
Doctors of the city of Chelyabinsk told local media that the leadership gave them “protective suits”, bought for 200 rubles at a sale in the Mir...
Rogozin promised that the Russians will land on the moon after 2028
Russia plans to land astronauts on the moon after 2028, when tests of an extra-heavy lunar rocket start, said Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian...
23% of Russians are convinced that the coronavirus epidemic is fiction
Over 30% of Russians do not believe in the dangers of coronavirus or consider the pandemic a "fabrication of interested parties". Most skeptics are...