"The corpse does not play hockey!" The network evaluated the game of the Russian national team, who put on the Soviet uniform

"The corpse does not play hockey!" The network evaluated the game of the Russian national team, who put on the Soviet uniform
"The corpse does not play hockey!" The network evaluated the game of the Russian national team, who put on the Soviet uniform
21 December 2021, 10:56SportPhoto: Фото Соцсети
Users of social networks are sure that by their performance at the Channel One Cup, hockey players disgraced not only Russian, but also Soviet hockey.

As you know, the Russian national hockey team played the Cup of the First Channel in the form of the USSR, thereby celebrating the 75th anniversary of Russian hockey. In a similar one, our team played in 1964-1968. Then the Soviet hockey players took two Olympic gold. Apparently, this was a rash decision of the hockey officials, since the national team was unable to win the tournament despite the fact that its rivals were by no means their strongest teams. It turned out that the hockey players put both Soviet and Russian hockey to shame. This circumstance did not go unnoticed on social networks.

Journalist Igor Shulika drew attention to the monstrous mixture of tsarist, Soviet and Russian, which was this supposedly "retro form":

“But at first I did not see the very shape!

It's just really some kind of surreal version. I would even take one for myself, it is unique. After all, you will tell your grandchildren, they will call the orderlies, and so the proof will be.

The inscription of the USSR, the coat of arms of Russia, that is, the royal eagle, and an advertisement for a bookmaker's office!

To the uniform of the USSR national team with the royal emblem and advertising of the bookmaker's office, they brought more icons to the locker room. A complete set to be. I'm freaking out, of course ... I just never thought it would happen. But this is the whole deep Russia. The USSR, the coat of arms of Russia, icons, but instead of a bookmaker, it's a microfinance organization. Although over there in Achinsk my aunt stole money from the bank, because my husband needs to go to the bookmaker's office..."

Moscow doctor and civic activist Andrei Volna is sure that the winning form for the current players is simply out of order:

“Without politics if. For a long time I could not formulate for myself why the idea of dressing the players of the Russian national team in the uniform of the USSR team seems utterly ridiculous to me. On the verge of swagger. I'll try today:

- no, not because that country has not been there for 30 years; here you can just shrug your shoulders, no more;

- no, not because all these hockey players were born in Russia; after all, people arrange historical performances, dressing up as knights there ... the place - a hockey tournament - only looks not very suitable, but nothing more;

- no, not because the combination on one T-shirt of the name of the country - the USSR, advertising of a bookmaker's office and the coat of arms of imperial Russia looks even more than just inadequate; here you can only twist your finger at the temple, nothing more;

- but because, guys, all of you put together and the little finger of those teams of the 1960s-1970s are not worth it. You cannot surpass or even repeat. And you can't. These shirts are out of order for you. Slowly and separately: out of order.

"With the swiftness of his transformations, he left behind even the chameleon: besides, the chameleon, as they say, is able to take on any color except white, while Alcibiades, whether he saw good or bad examples around, imitated both with the same ease..."

And the Kemerovo businessman and activist Vyacheslav Chernov fantasizes sarcastically:

“The coaching staff of the national hockey team has worked on the mistakes - it was decided to change the names of the players to the names of the legendary composition of the USSR national team for the next series of games. The passport offices at the place of registration of the players have already received the relevant applications. Some players expressed a desire to change their name - so, in the next match, the goal of the national team will be occupied by 26-year-old Vladislav Tretyak. "We will prove to the whole world that there can be no barriers in front of the Red Machine!" - the newspaper "Soviet Sport" quotes the words of the head coach of the national team..."

The poet Dmitry Plakhov spoke wittily and extremely briefly about this story: "A corpse does not play hockey"

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