Blue, but tasty: how did Soviet chickens differ from today's

Blue, but tasty: how did Soviet chickens differ from today's
Blue, but tasty: how did Soviet chickens differ from today's
4 December 2020, 19:58Technology
The nutritional and taste qualities of Soviet chicken were incomparably better than of today's.

Popular blogger Vladimir Stechkin compared the quality of Soviet and Russian chicken in his publication and came to conclusions that were disappointing for the inhabitants of today's Russia.

He paid tribute to the fact that the production of poultry meat in our time significantly exceeds Soviet volumes, but at the same time he notes that, according to official data, today's successes are just a return to the trend that was laid back in the USSR. If there had not been a terrible failure in the 1990s, then the country would have achieved its current level 7-8 years ago.

Так это выглядит, если поделить вес на число голов за год

Further, the blogger, anticipating the inevitable question: what to do with those "cyanotic" chickens that died of hunger, which were sold in Soviet stores, replies that these were just chickens that did not have time to increase fat and meat, and not adult birds. In addition, the subcutaneous fat in birds is yellow, and a plucked adult hen has this color, while chickens are always pinkish blue. These are the very ones that farmers sell today, who can not be caught in the fact that they keep their chickens hungry.

For those who pay attention to the obesity of today's birds in comparison with Soviet ones (which is confirmed by Rosstat data), the blogger refers to his publication " On the inflated successes of the poultry industry in the Russian Federation ." Yes, today's chickens are much, 3-4 times more productive than those that were in the 1990s. And this is due to both technological innovations and the import of new breeds of poultry. Today, chickens are growing much faster and gaining more weight than they did at the end of the USSR.

But this only happens due to pumping them with antibiotics and various seasonings, which help, among other things, to avoid their general pestilence while living in such crowded conditions. The rapid weight gain is directly reflected in the taste and nutritional qualities of chicken meat, and it is loose and tasteless. What is there to be proud of?

Moreover, in order to give a commercial pink appearance to chicken, in stores it is soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate, at the same time hiding traces of decomposition due to long-term storage.

But in Soviet times, the blogger is sure, chickens were, although unsightly in appearance, and thin, but much more tasty and nutritious than today.

By the way, the same is happening in Russia with pork - the blogger finishes his post.

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