Experts disbelieve Musk's promise to create a humanoid robot

Experts disbelieve Musk's promise to create a humanoid robot
Experts disbelieve Musk's promise to create a humanoid robot
6 September, 10:29Technology
Judging by the reaction of the media and social networks, the new development of the company Elon Musk Tesla does not yet inspire confidence.

As Novye Izvestia already reported, a few days ago, Elon Musk confirmed rumors that his Tesla company began developing its own anthropomorphic robot - Tesla Bot.

According to him, the humanoid will be 172 centimeters tall, weigh about 56 kilograms, he will be able to carry loads up to 20 kilograms, and his speed of movement will be no more than 8 km / h - just so that if something happens, you can run away from him ... In general, engineers promise to foresee all the risks so that the robot cannot harm a person, to the extent that it can be physically deactivated. As conceived by its creators, he will do the most boring, and also, possibly, dangerous work. The prototype, already named "Optimus", will be so friendly that it can even be entrusted with routine shopping trips to the store.

“On a physical level, you can run away from him and most likely defeat him. If you can run faster, then everything will be all right...”, - Musk joked.

A screen will be mounted in the head of the bot, on which all useful information will be displayed, as well as 8 cameras for navigation in space. The autonomous computer and other technological features that the robot will be equipped with are already used by Tesla in its electric vehicles.

However, experts doubt that this idea will be implemented, since the development, creation and implementation of really useful anthropomorphic robots is still an incredibly difficult task. For example, the famous company Honda refused to develop a similar project Asimo, because the cost of it did not meet expectations.

Science journalist Dmitry Klein commented on Musk's plans:

“I was the only one who thought that the public reacted somehow weakly to Musk's announcement that Tesla would introduce a humanoid two-legged robot next year, capable of“ doing dangerous or boring work and dramatically changing the economy”?

I didn't really understand at first if this was a joke or a real statement.

But really - he promised. "People will be able to choose whether to do physical work or not"...

Frankly speaking, against the background of robotic dogs and bipedal robots from the famous company Boston Dynamics, which I just recently showed - all this looks, well, to put it mildly, as very bold and somewhat hasty statements.

Of course, I’ll be only too happy if Musk and his company can make some of the technological breakthroughs needed to fulfill that promise - the more robots, the better, in my opinion!

At the same time, it is funny and revealing that the ardent fans of Musk somehow reacted sluggishly to such news and simply chose not to comment at all - at least I did not see mass enthusiasm..."

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