False trail or fantasy? The world is on the verge of creating new weapons

False trail or fantasy? The world is on the verge of creating new weapons

False trail or fantasy? The world is on the verge of creating new weapons

6 October, 12:17
Photo: news.myseldon.com
In America, journalists got hold of secret documents that indicate that US Navy specialists are experimenting with weapons of modification of "space-time".

As reported by LiveJournal, the inventor of the "new weapon" is Dr. Salvatore Pais, an aerospace engineer working at the headquarters of the US Naval Aviation Division (NAWCAD).

Earlier in the media already leaked information that there are documents that describe a "hybrid aerospace submarine", allegedly capable of developing truly incredible speeds and maneuverability in the air, on water and in space. This is due to the revolutionary "electromagnetic propulsion system".

A found folder labeled "For Official Use Only" describes how Pais's "Plasma Fusion Device" patent could also be used to develop a new form of weapon known as a "space-time modification weapon." The inventor claims that his technology "can influence reality itself".

The document says that "under uniquely defined conditions, a plasma thermonuclear fusion device can lead to the development of a weapon that can make" a hydrogen bomb, more like a petard".

According to the documents received, "space modification weapons" will emit extremely high levels of energy through the use of the so-called "Pais effect", an experimental concept also patented by the scientist.

There is a sensational version that especially frightens the Americans: the Chinese are already working on the creation of such equipment, investing huge amounts of money in aerospace technologies. These vehicles appear to be eerily similar to the UFOs reported by the US Navy pilots.

Meanwhile, researchers and journalists continue to delve deeper into inventor Dr. Salvatore Pais's futuristic US Navy patents and the unusual circumstances of their approval by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Those patents were vouched for by the head of the US Navy's aerospace research venture, who also mentioned that China's successes in similar technologies are one of the reasons why sailors are applying to develop new technologies.

However, the experiments carried out by the US Navy were unsuccessful, and the "Pais effect" was neither discovered nor refuted. American experts believe that the leaked "secret" information may be deliberate misinformation. The Pentagon is known to have a program that creates false patents and false tests using low-quality scientific theory. Both Russia and China should have been misdirected.

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