“This is the digital capital of the world!” What miracles did Russian emigrants see in Kazakhstan

“This is the digital capital of the world!” What miracles did Russian emigrants see in Kazakhstan
“This is the digital capital of the world!” What miracles did Russian emigrants see in Kazakhstan
10 October, 15:11TechnologyPhoto: Соцсети
The level of service and the almost complete absence of bureaucracy in the neighboring country amazed even Russian businessmen.

Ivan Zubov

As you know, since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens, mostly men, have emigrated to neighboring Kazakhstan. Those who were there for the first time were literally shocked by what they saw. As one of the Kazakh bloggers writes: “The most interesting thing in Astana is to watch the Russians who arrived, who look in bewilderment at good roads, modern skyscrapers and clean streets of the city.

Many, apparently, with their "imperial optics" imagined yurts here. And what is their surprise when, in the same Astana, apartments are opened with a password or Face ID, and there are “warm stops” on the roads.

Novosibirsk businessman Yevgeny Pyatkovsky , for his part, devoted several enthusiastic posts to Kazakhstani realities.

About prices

So, what's good in Kazakhstan...

All borders, including China, are open to Kazakhstanis. Covid does not apply to them...

Consumer goods are 2-3 times cheaper.

Food is 2-4 times cheaper.

Gadgets are 40-50% cheaper

Communication and rent of housing as in the Russian Federation, but again, I am in the capital, and the price tag for renting housing is like in Novosibirsk.

The people are very friendly.

About fines

Very high fines. For example, with an average salary of 150,000 tenge, the fine for exceeding the speed limit by 10 km per hour is 15,000, by 30 - 30,000, by 40 km / h - 60,000, and if repeated in a year, then 90,000. Nobody exceeds, why?

Так выглядит выписка штрафа в Казахстане и роспись за него. Штраф, а точнее предупреждение было выписано за 20 секунд

In Kazakhstan, a traffic cop rides in a patrol car. His partner has a tablet. He points it to the number of any car and sees: the validity period of the insurance, unpaid and paid fines, the name and photo of the car owner, the speed of the car, whether the rights are expired or not.

And there are cameras everywhere, which not only record the speed, but also the presence of a fastened seat belt, a child seat in a child and whether the driver is talking on the phone.

What do you think, are Kazakh traffic cops standing in the bushes like Russian ones?

Do you think a Kazakh traffic cop needs to stop you in order to issue a fine?

About roads and transport

The roads are excellent. There are no restrictions of 40 km/h. There are autobahns with a speed limit of 140 km/h. I would like to see a moron driving 200 km/h...

The buses are all brand new, the metro is just a fairy tale, bright, beautiful, clean.

Railway stations are licked, everywhere

Pedestrian crossings have 2 descents: for wheelchairs and normal. So that you understand this is not some piece of iron as in Russia, but a separate descent. That is, the stairs are on the right, and the stairs are on the left.

Metro of Kazakhstan from the inside. Wagons. Quiet inside! You can hear the whisper of a neighbor. No smoke, smoke, smoke. The speed of the train is 4 times higher than ours. The cars have air conditioners with air purification from viruses and no doors between the cars.

About security

There are a huge number of policemen on the streets, in cars.

Burglary is considered a felony... it's so safe here.

And yes ... no blocking and foreign agents.

About bureaucracy

Electronic digital signature (EDS) in Kazakhstan is free of charge! Issued in 3 minutes! Hello Russians. Public services in Russia are a dull city .... compared to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is truly the digital capital of the world.

And the banks are here ... How can I tell you ... Tinkoff compared to Kaspi ... I repeat, but really, except for the words “dull g ....” nothing comes to mind.

The photo shows the process of printing a bank card, which I received in two minutes, being a non-resident. A resident would receive a printed card in 30 seconds.

Well of course it's all free.

And right in the Kaspi application, you can order a driver's license and other public services, order food, order any goods, you can order a courier for documents, a taxi and much more. All without commissions.

How I registered an LLP (like a Russian LLC) in Kazakhstan.

I went to the site, entered the data, 15 minutes and you're done.

15 minutes!

Not months, not weeks, not days, not even hours.


Of the documents only a passport.

IS FREE!!! State duty 0 tenge!!!

Compare with the State Services in the Russian Federation ... I have everything!

About certain shortcomings

However, there are, as they said in the USSR, "certain shortcomings."

It seems that everything in Kazakhstan is cool, but even here the Russians were able to intervene, remotely. I ordered the Internet to the house from Beeline. On the 1st ... they appointed me to install it on the 4th ... The installers come relaxed, they say that they need the keys to the attic, I answered them: no, I won’t look for anyone who has it.

And the installers, accustomed to the Russian service, took it and left.

Well, I call and leave a complaint, on the 5th the same installers come, already with the keys to the attic and report that there are no free splints, like we said, we will come in a week ... This is how a Russian company in Kazakhstan kills hard work and responsibility in a wonderful people ...

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