China recognized the quality of Tesla electric vehicles as disgusting

China recognized the quality of Tesla electric vehicles as disgusting

12 February , 16:01Technology
The numerous complaints from the owners of this car prompted the Chinese authorities to intervene in the situation.

Network analyst Alexander Rozov dedicated his publication to the scandal that unfolds around the legendary Tesla - the brainchild of Elon Musk. It turns out that the Chinese authorities, which until recently in every possible way contributed to the promotion of an electric car on its market, issued a warning to Tesla due to numerous complaints about the quality of electric vehicles. This was in response to the company's total reluctance to respond to complaints from Chinese buyers.

Tesla executives in Shanghai and Beijing were invited to meet with the Chinese market regulator and government officials after investigating customer complaints about unusual acceleration, battery fires, software update issues. But Tesla created heavenly conditions: generous subsidies, tax breaks, loans at low interest rates, cheap land to build a plant...

Rozov also notes that he had already warned of the possibility of such a situation:

“Supercorporations (such as Tesla) are extremely ineffective in every practical sense: in engineering solutions, in labor productivity, in consumer quality of products. They are also distinguished by extreme dishonesty in sales. But small industries are much more efficient.

Super corporations are mutants, overfed by artificial financing, unable to do anything useful... But the consumer wants to get for his money - a full-fledged car and not a "smartphone on wheels".

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