Flying motorcycle successfully tested

Flying motorcycle successfully tested
Flying motorcycle successfully tested
20 July 2021, 17:44TechnologyPhoto: Jetpack Aviation
A vehicle with a jet turbine is capable of speeds of about 500 kilometers per hour. Jetpack Aviation is taking first orders. The cost of the motorcycle is $ 380,000.

In California, the first tests of the Speeder, a jet-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft, took place, the Daily Mail reported. Jetpack Aviation believes the new vehicle will be suitable for medics, firefighters, rescuers and the military.

Photo:Первый прототип воздушного мотоцикла

A prototype P1 with an aluminum chassis was tethered during testing. Nevertheless, he showed the ability to take off, climb, hover and perform slow transitions in straight flight. Speeder can take off to an altitude of 4500 meters and reach speeds of about 500 kilometers per hour.

Одна из финальных модульных моделей
Photo:Jetpack Aviation

The next experimental model will have a fully formed hull and small detachable wings. The final version, which will go into series production, will have up to eight engines and run on zero-carbon fuels. It is assumed that he will be able to carry two passengers and cargo. Over time, the Speeder should become modular, with different types of frames and motors to meet the needs of different customers. According to the manufacturer, the US Marine Corps has already become interested in the invention.

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