Cars in Europe will be sold with a speed limit system

Cars in Europe will be sold with a speed limit system
Cars in Europe will be sold with a speed limit system
20 July, 13:14TechnologyPhoto: Соцсети
The built-in function will read road signs and GPS readings to warn the driver about speeding.

All new cars sold in Europe will be equipped with an "Intelligent Speed ​​Assist" system that will read traffic signs or GPS data and react if the driver exceeds the speed limit indicated on them, reports TopGear. It could be an annoying horn, or a vibration in the steering wheel, or even a push on the accelerator pedal to get the driver to release it without hitting the brake. If necessary, the system itself will reduce the speed of the car. This is not the first attempt to impose such restrictions: car manufacturers have been doing this for a long time. So, on BMW and Audi, for example, there is a limiter up to 250 km / h, on Volvo - 180 km / h.

According to the European Transport Safety Board, about 26,000 people die each year on the roads due to speeding. In addition, prolonged driving at high speeds means high fuel consumption, and therefore increased emissions and environmental damage.

Channel experts discuss how useful this innovation will be7 They doubt the reliability of the sign recognition system, referring to the fact that many cars stop reading them in wet weather, or, for example, at sunset.

Moreover, if, for example, the driver misses a motorway exit, he will not be able to move further at a speed of 110 km/h, since the GPS satellite navigation will already consider that he has turned off and the system will limit his speed to 80 km/h …

And yet, all new cars in Europe will have to be equipped with embedded technology by the summer of 2024.

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